Correlation Patterns Insights

Find information about the performance of your correlation patterns.

The Correlation Patterns Insights dashboard provides insight into the effectiveness and trends of your correlation patterns. The dashboard enables you to view data on all of your patterns at a glance, and to drill down to view granular information about a specific correlation pattern.

Key Features

The Correlation Patterns Insights dashboard allows you to:

  • Visualize and track data on alert correlation across your instance.
  • Drill down to view analytics on specific correlation patterns.
  • Determine ways to improve configuration settings to reduce noise.

Correlation Patterns Insights

The Correlation Patterns Insights dashboard displays information on how all of your correlation patterns are performing.

Correlation Pattern Insights Dashboard

Correlation Pattern Insights Dashboard

The following widgets are available within the dashboard:

Widget NameDescription
Average CompressionThe ratio between the number of alerts and incidents, or how effectively patterns are correlating alerts together.
# Total AlertsThe total number of alerts that were processed by correlation.
# Total Incidents FormedThe total number of incidents created.
Average Compression TrendThe average compression percentage, over time.
Noise Reduction FunnelThe funnel showcases how much compression your correlation patterns achieve from initial alert correlation to incident formation.
Total Alerts TrendThe total number of events correlated, over time.
Total Incidents TrendThe total number of incidents created, over time.
Correlation Patterns Effectiveness ComparisonA table showing detailed data on your correlation patterns.

The following information is displayed:

Pattern - The name of the correlation pattern
Time Window (min) - The duration between the start time of correlated alerts.
Compression - The percent of alerts that were correlated into incidents.
# Alerts - Number of alerts correlated by the pattern.
# Incidents - Number of incidents created by the pattern.

Correlation Pattern Filter

In addition to the time filter, the Correlation Patterns Insight dashboard allows you to filter by a specific correlation pattern.

Select patterns from the filter to drill down into and compare the effectiveness of individual patterns.

Learn more about using filters and widget options in the Filter Dashboards documentation.