Agile is a software development philosophy defined by core iterative development. There are many agile methods, but most of them entail short engineering cycles that include all main stages: planning, development itself, testing, and deployment. Each cycle takes one or two weeks.

The idea behind Agile is shipment of the product as quickly as possible and incrementally updating it based on customer feedback. Agile methods remain the mainstream in modern software development as they support product adaptivity to the constantly changing market and customer needs.

Agile development practices pose unique challenges for incident monitoring as they increase the number of changes being pushed to a system dramatically. Code or configuration changes can account for over 50% of an organization’s incidents, and up to date system awareness is vital for teams looking to troubleshoot incidents.

BigPanda's Change integrations and Root Cause Changes feature bring up to date system and change information right into the incident feed, helping your teams see and navigate the connections between changes and incidents.