Use the BigPanda ServiceNow application for a convenient & deep integration between BigPanda and ServiceNow.

The BigPanda application for ServiceNow is a native ServiceNow application which enables easy setup of multiple different integrations between BIgPanda and ServiceNow. Read on to learn more about the different integrations the BigPanda application provides.

Download the BigPanda application Update Set from the ServiceNow Developer Portal or Right Here.

  1. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets
  2. Under Related Links, click on Import Update Set from XML
  3. Once imported the application should now be available from the Navigation Pane and Scope


BigPanda App Version

To determine your BigPanda ServiceNow application version, navigate to System Applications > My Company Applications within your ServiceNow instance. The BigPanda Application tile will list which version has been installed.

Incidents Integration

The ServiceNow Incidents integration allows you to automatically create incidents in ServiceNow from correlated, insight-rich incidents in BigPanda. Incidents in ServiceNow and BigPanda are automatically synchronized throughout their life-cycle, ensuring relevant workflows are triggered as needed and teams are always up-to-date so they can quickly resolve critical issues.

Learn more about the BigPanda ServiceNow Incidents integration.

Changes Integration

The ServiceNow Changes integration immediately notifies BigPanda of any new or updated changes in your ServiceNow Change Management, ensuring these changes are available for machine-language-driven root cause analysis in BigPanda, with the root Root Cause Changes feature.

Learn more about the BigPanda ServiceNow Changes integration.

CMDB Integration

The ServiceNow CMDB integration allows you to enrich your incoming BigPanda alerts with contextual information from your ServiceNow CMDB. The added context enables NOC operators to quickly assess and resolve incidents.

Learn more about the BigPanda ServiceNow CMDB integration.

Maintenance Integration

The ServiceNow Maintenance integration provides a method for suppressing alerts originating from infrastructure during a maintenance window.

Learn more about the BigPanda ServiceNow Maintenance Plan integration.

Installing the BigPanda Application

To install the BigPanda ServiceNow application you can download it from the ServiceNow Developer page or download here.

For detailed install instructions, please see the Installation instructions in the Integrations tab in BigPanda.