Configure the BigPanda Agent Log

You can configure logging options for the BigPanda agent, including the level of logging and the log file handling. Log files can be helpful when debugging an integration.

The BigPanda Agent is designed to log events into a file for visibility. The default logging configuration can be updated to your desired specifications.

Before You Start

  • Ensure your BigPanda agent is upgraded to version >= v8.3.0. You can check the version in the agent configuration file: /etc/bigpanda/bigpanda.conf. If your version is older than the required version, upgrade to the latest version of the BigPanda agent.
  • Open the logging configuration file in edit mode: /etc/bigpanda/logging.conf.
Edit Mode

Edit Mode

Change the Level of Logging

  1. Locate the logger_root section of the configuration file.
  2. Change level of the root logger to the level that suits your needs.
    Enter one of the following options for the severity of events to include in the logs. The default level is INFO.
  • DEBUG—Detailed information. Consider this level when you are actively diagnosing problems.
  • INFO—Confirmation that things are working as expected.
  • WARNING—Indication that something unexpected happened or indicative of some problem in the near future (for example, disk space low). The software is still working as expected.
  • ERROR—Indication that, due to a more serious problem, the software has not been able to perform some function.
  • CRITICAL—Serious errors, indicating that the program itself may be unable to continue running.

Change the Log File Handling

You can change the location where the logs are saved, the file size, and the number of log files in rotation.

  1. Locate the handler_rootHandler section of the configuration file.
  2. Change the parameters of args to the desired settings for handling the BigPanda agent log files.
Args ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
First ParameterLocation where the log files are saved.
Read and write permissions are required to access the new location.
Second Parameter[description here][default value here]
Third ParameterSize of each log file. You may need to increase the file size when troubleshooting a problem with BigPanda support.1024_1024_10
Fourth ParameterNumber of log files in rotation. You may need to increase the number of files in rotation when troubleshooting a problem with BigPanda support.3


Incorrect syntax will cause an error when loading the logging configuration file. If this error occurs, the agent uses the default settings.

After Configuration Changes

  • Restart The BigPanda agent by running one of the following commands.
    sudo service bigpanda restart
  • Check the status using systemd.
    sudo systemctl status bigpanda


Changes to the logs will take effect only after the agent has been successfully restarted.

  • Check the log files for the agent. If the logging.conf file has successfully loaded and the log level is at least INFO, this line is printed to the logs: INFO Successfully configured logging from logging.conf

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