ITSM Tools

Use the ITSM Tools dashboard to produce an in-depth analysis on outbound integrations that are receiving BigPanda incidents.

The ITSM Tools Dashboard gives you a deep dive into how BigPanda is interacting with your ITSM tools including ticket automation, compression, and trending.

ITSM Tools Dashboard

ITSM Tools Dashboard


Dashboard Duplication

This dashboard can be duplicated. See the Manage Unified Analytics documentation to learn how to create a new dashboard from a copy.

Key Features

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of automated ticketing for each ITSM tool
  • View ticket volume trending to spot escalating issues or concerns
  • Evaluate ticketing compression effectiveness through BigPanda
  • Identify which applications are creating the most tickets


The following widgets are available in the ITSM Tools Dashboard:

Tickets CreatedThe number of all outbound shares.
Ticket Creation %The percentage of incidents that resulted in an outbound ticket.
Auto TicketsThe number of outbound shares triggered by AutoShare rules.
Manual TicketsThe number of outbound shares created manually by a user in the UI.
Ticket Compression %The alert compression percentage for incidents that were shared.
Shares by ToolThe percentage of outbound ticket shares sent to individual tool integrations. Selecting the Others category in the chart will expand into a new pie chart listing only tools with smaller percentages.
Ticket CompressionThe number of incidents that were shared, broken out by week. The trendline tracks the overall alert compression percentage for incidents shared each week.
Top Tickets by HostTickets that have the most updates to share tools, sorted by host system.
Shares Over TimeThe number of tickets shared to each tool per week.

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