View and manage all AppOptics alerts in BigPanda.

Supported Versions


Authentication Type

SaaS Deployments


Bearer Token

Key Features

  • Correlate related alerts from any metrics, conditions or services into high-level incidents to reduce MTTR and get more value out of AppOptics for cloud monitoring.
  • Manually or automatically share BigPanda incidents with any external service management, task management, or chat platform to facilitate collaboration and remediation.

How It Works

A webhook is configured in AppOptics, forwarding all alerts to the AppOptics integration. The integration then normalizes the alerts and sends them into BigPanda to be processed and correlated with related alerts, creating and maintaining up-to-date incidents in BigPanda.

Installing the Integration


  • Create an App Key - Enter the name of your integration and click Generate App Key.
    You'll need a separate App Key for each integrated system.

Configuring the BigPanda Service in AppOptics

  1. In AppOptics, enter your account settings page.
  2. Select the Services tab, and then select BigPanda from the services list.
    This should open the BigPanda Service Configuration form. If the form doesn't open, click on the plus button to open it.
  3. Fill in the form and click create service.
    The form should be filled with the following details:

Title: <your service name>
App Key: <your app key>
Token: 58836bbfcc02ae9ba60d19f7b52796c4

Using the BigPanda Service in AppOptics

  1. In AppOptics, enter the Alerts page.
  2. Create a new alert or edit an existing one. In the Notifications Services tab, select BigPanda.
  3. Click on the Test Fire Alert button in the Notification Services tab to send a test notification to BigPanda. Make sure that you can see the alert in the Incidents tab. Since it's a test message, it won't be resolved on its own.
    To resolve the issue manually, use the Force Resolve action in the More actions context menu of the incident.

For more information about integrating AppOptics, see the AppOptics integration in the BigPanda Integrations tab.