Mean Time metrics measure the effectiveness and burden on IT Ops systems and teams. In BigPanda reporting, we often focus on four key MTTx measurements.

Mean Time to Assign (MTTA) - The average amount of time it takes the IT Ops team to assign the incident. In BigPanda, MTTA is calculated based on the time until the assign action is used.

The calculation for MTTA is (First assigned time - Start time)/60. First assigned time comes from the activity_type assigned, and the time is from the created_time field.

Mean Time to Engage (MTTE) - The average amount of time it takes the IT Ops team to engage in handling the incident. In BigPanda, this is measured by the time it takes to perform an action other than assign. Activities can include the activity_type comment, snooze, or share.

The calculation for MTTE is (First activity time - Start time)/60.

Mean Time to Fix (MTTF) - The average amount of time between engagement and resolution. In BigPanda, MTTF is automatically calculated from the time someone performs an action on the incident, to the resolution of the incident.

The calculation for MTTF is MTTR - MTTE - MTTA (when the action is earlier than the resolution time).

Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) - The average amount of time it took to get back to service. MTTR looks at the repair of alert symptoms as opposed to the complete resolution of the incident. In BigPanda, it is calculated from when the first event was received, to the resolution of the last alert.

The calculation for MTTR is (End time - Start time)/60. End time is the end_time from Raw Incidents and Start time is the start_time from Raw Incidents.

For more information about MTTx, see Unified Analytics Key Metrics.