Root Cause Changes

BigPanda’s Root Cause Changes (RCC) feature integrates a customer’s change information into BigPanda, to highlight changes that might be related to incoming incidents. BigPanda integrates with your change feeds to collect change data such as managed changes, code deployments, software updates, configuration changes, and upgrades, and organizes them in the Related Changes table within the Incidents tab. Once integrated with all your change feeds/tools, BigPanda's OBML (Open Box Machine Learning) algorithms detect connections between changes made to the system and incidents in real-time, identifying changes that may have caused the outage.

Key Features:

  • Integration - Funnel all your change integrations into BigPanda's Open Integrations Hub to see all your changes organized and correlated in one place.
  • Visualization - See a consolidated list of all the system changes related to each incident.
  • Correlation - Use BigPanda's OBML or manually correlate changes to incidents to enable Root Cause Analysis.
  • Collaboration - Collaborate with other users to investigate which change is the Root Cause of the incident.