ServiceNow Changes

Send change data from ServiceNow to suggest potential root cause for BigPanda incidents.

The ServiceNow Changes app allows you to push change management data to BigPanda for RCC matching. Fields can be customized and adjusted to fit your incident management needs.

The BigPanda ServiceNow Changes app works using a business rule in the BigPanda ServiceNow app which is triggered by insertions, updates, and deletions in the ServiceNow Change Request table. The change data is then sent to BigPanda where it is processed and normalized according to the provided configuration. Finally, the prepared change record is sent to the BigPanda Console.

Supported VersionsTypeAuthentication Type
Washington DC, Vancouver, Utah, Tokyo, San Diego, RomeAPIUser API Key and Org Bearer Token

Key Features

  • Push any change management updates into BigPanda.
  • Map various request states to our Related Changes properties.
  • Customize the fields displayed in BigPanda's RCC table.

Data Models

BigPanda converts and organizes the change data from ServiceNow into tags.

Standard ServiceNow Properties

The ServiceNow fields below populate the Changes tags.

sys_idChange system idGenerates the ticket_url tag.
short_descriptionSummary of the Change RequestPopulates the summary tag.

Install the Integration

Administrators can install the integration by following the on-screen instructions in BigPanda.


Update the BigPanda App

If you are currently using a version of the BigPanda ServiceNow application from the ServiceNow Store, you'll need to switch to the latest version from the ServiceNow Developer Page. To streamline the migration, please follow the Migrate from the ServiceNow Store to the Update Set instructions.

Configure the Integration

  1. In the ServiceNow application, navigate to BigPanda > Configuration.
  2. In the General section, enter the appropriate keys provided in the BigPanda Console Integration instructions.
Bearer TokenEnter the BigPanda organization bearer token.
API KeyEnter the BigPanda API key.
Incidents App KeyEnter the ServiceNow Incidents App Key here. You can obtain it from the BigPanda ServiceNow Incidents integration module.
Change APIEnter the BigPanda Change API.
Telemetry EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable exporting logging data in the integration and to receive troubleshooting and diagnostic assistance by BigPanda.
Telemetry EndpointProvide a URL for the telemetry option.
  1. Configure the Changes section.
ActiveSelect this checkbox to enable configuring the integration settings.
StartA ServiceNow field that determines when a Change starts
EndA ServiceNow field that will determine when the change is done or terminated.
StateA ServiceNow field that will identify the State of the Change.
IdentifierA ServiceNow field that uniquely identifies a change.
SummaryThe ServiceNow field to populate the summary of a BigPanda Change
PlannedA comma-delimited list of ServiceNow States to map to the BigPanda Planned Status.
In ProgressA comma-delimited list of ServiceNow States to map to the BigPanda In Progress Status.
DoneA comma-delimited list of ServiceNow States to map to the BigPanda Done Status.
CanceledA comma-delimited list of ServiceNow States to map to the BigPanda Canceled Status.
Affected CI'sAn option (if enabled) to add any affected CI's for a particular change. This will be provided as a list of CI's to a BigPanda tag.
Change Task TableBy default, the Change Request Table is tracked.

Selecting this checkbox will track the Change Task instead.
HideA comma-delimited list of ServiceNow fields that should not appear in the Changes Table in BigPanda.
Changes EndpointProvide the URL where ServiceNow can send ServiceNow Changes for processing.

The Changes Endpoint is

Disable the Integration

You can stop sending change data to BigPanda but preserve your configuration settings by disabling the integration in ServiceNow.

  1. In the ServiceNow application, navigate to BigPanda > Configuration.
  2. In the Changes section, de-select the Active checkbox
  3. Save the configuration

Uninstall the Integration

Deleting an integration requires changes to both the integrated system and BigPanda. You must uninstall the integration on the integrated system and then delete the integration from BigPanda.


When replacing an existing integration with a new tool or system, we recommend configuring the new integration first to ensure no data is lost.

Stop Sending Data to BigPanda

Disable any settings that send data to BigPanda.

Within ServiceNow, navigate to System Applications > Applications.

  1. Click on the BigPanda app.
  2. In the custom application record, click the related Uninstall link.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Confirm when the dialogue box appears.

Delete the Integration from BigPanda

  1. In BigPanda, navigate to the Integrations tab and select the desired integration from the list.
  2. In the integration details on the right, click Delete Integration. A support message opens, pre-populated with a request to delete the selected integration.
  3. Press Enter to send the request.
  4. The BigPanda support team will remove the integration from the UI.

This procedure does not remove any data from BigPanda or the integrated system. As needed, remove data from each system before deleting the integration.