ServiceNow Changes

Supported Versions


Authentication Type

Rome, Quebec, Paris, Orlando, New York, Madrid, London, Kingston, Jakarta, Istanbul


API Key and Bearer Token

Key Features

  • Push any change management updates into BigPanda.
  • Map various request states to our Related Changes properties.
  • Customize the fields displayed in BigPanda's RCC table.

How It Works

A business rule in the BigPanda ServiceNow app is triggered by insertions, updates, and deletions in the ServiceNow Change Request table. The change data is then sent to BigPanda where it is processed and normalized according to the provided configuration. Finally, the prepared change record is sent to the BigPanda Console.

Data Models

BigPanda converts and organizes the change data from ServiceNow into tags.

Standard ServiceNow Properties

The ServiceNow fields below populate the Changes tags.





Change system id

Generates the ticket_url tag.


Summary of the Change Request

Populates the summary tag.

Installing the Integration

  1. Download the BigPanda application Update Set from the ServiceNow Developer Portal or Right Here.
  2. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets
  3. Under Related Links, click on Import Update Set from XML
  4. Once imported the application should now be available from the Navigation Pane and Scope
  5. Select the Configuration page in the navigation pane
  6. Enter your BigPanda org token in Bearer Token, the API key in API Key and the App key in Changes App Key
  7. Scroll down to the Changes section and set to Active to enable editing
  8. Provide the field names for Start time, End time, Change State, Identifier and Change Summary
  9. Under State Mapping, enter all valid change states under the four change state categories
  10. If affected configuration items are desired in payload, check Affected CI's
  11. If all fields are to be displayed in BigPanda, scroll down to bottom and click Submit

For more information on the configuration fields please see below.


Upgrading the BigPanda App

If you are currently using a version of the BigPanda ServiceNow application from the ServiceNow Store, you'll need to switch to the latest version from the ServiceNow Developer page or downloadable here. To streamline the migration, please follow the Migrating from the ServiceNow Store to the Update Set instructions.

If you are upgrading from a version of 1.x to 2.x, please follow the ServiceNow App Migration Guide

Configure the Integration

  1. In the ServiceNow application, navigate to BigPanda > Configuration.
  2. In the General section, enter the appropriate keys provided in the BigPanda Console Integration instructions.



Bearer Token

Enter the BigPanda organization key here.


Enter the BigPanda API key here.

Incidents App Key

Enter the ServiceNow Incidents App Key here. You can obtain it from the BigPanda ServiceNow Incidents integration module.

Change API

Enter the BigPanda Change API here.

Telemetry Enabled

Select this checkbox to enable exporting logging data in the integration and to receive troubleshooting and diagnostic assistance by BigPanda.

Telemetry Endpoint

Provide a URL for the telemetry option.

  1. Configure the Changes section.




Select this checkbox to enable configuring the integration settings.


A ServiceNow field that determines when a Change starts


A ServiceNow field that will determine when the change is done or terminated.


A ServiceNow field that will identify the State of the Change.


A ServiceNow field that uniquely identifies a change.


The ServiceNow field to populate the summary of a BigPanda Change


A comma-delimited list of ServiceNow States to map to the BigPanda Planned Status.

In Progress

A comma-delimited list of ServiceNow States to map to the BigPanda In Progress Status.


A comma-delimited list of ServiceNow States to map to the BigPanda Done Status.


A comma-delimited list of ServiceNow States to map to the BigPanda Canceled Status.

Affected CI's

An option (if enabled) to add any affected CI's for a particular change. This will be provided as a list of CI's to a BigPanda tag.

Change Task Table

By default, the Change Request Table is tracked.

Selecting this checkbox will track the Change Task instead.


A comma-delimited list of ServiceNow fields that should not appear in the Changes Table in BigPanda.

Changes Endpoint

Provide a URL where ServiceNow can send ServiceNow Changes to for processing.

Disabling the Integration

  1. In the ServiceNow application, navigate to BigPanda > Configuration.
  2. In the Changes section, de-select the Active checkbox
  3. Save the configuration

Uninstalling the BigPanda ServiceNow App

  1. Within ServiceNow, navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  2. Click on the BigPanda app.
  3. In the custom application record, click the related Uninstall link.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Confirm when the dialogue box appears.