The Unified Search Tab

Use the Unified Search Tab to investigate incidents across data sources.

Unified search lets you investigate current and historical BigPanda incidents to help you diagnose problems faster and manage your infrastructure proactively.

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Key Features

  • Search BigPanda incidents for specific comments, sharing info and/or current and historical data by timeframe, keyword/phrase, and/or tag value. Historical data up to three months old can be searched.
  • Search monitoring data across multiple source systems at the same time.
  • Visualize the life cycle of relevant incidents using timelines embedded in search results.
  • Use BigPanda Query Language (BPQL) to create advanced queries and find values in any standard or custom tag.
  • Filter and sort results to target the most relevant data.
  • Share search results with colleagues and view historical sharing information.

Navigate the Unified Search Tab

Unified Search can be accessed from within the BigPanda UI by clicking the Unified Search tab.

The Unified Search Tab

The Unified Search Tab

FieldDescriptionRelated Links
1 - Search BarEnter a BPQL query into the search bar to find relevant incidents.Search Incidents

BigPanda Query Language

Query Assist
2 - Search FiltersFilter the search results by: - Environment - Source - DateSearch Incidents
3 - Sort ResultsSort the search results by: - Last changed date - Status - Created (date) - No. of AlertsSearch Incidents
4 - Matching IncidentsThe incidents matching your query appear in a list below the search filters. Click the downwards-facing arrow to the left of an incident to expand the timeline. Click View Incident to open the incident details pane. Use the action icons to Comment, Share, or Snooze an incidentSearch Incidents

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