Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor collects telemetry data and from both on-premises and Azure cloud service as well as collects log data from management tools. Azure Monitor then allows you to build alerts rules based on this information.

Supported Versions


Authentication Type



Bearer Token

Key Features

  • Uses native webhook notification channel in Azure Monitor to forward alerts to BigPanda
  • Automatically resolves incidents in BigPanda when they resolve in Azure Monitor
  • Supports all Azure Monitor alert types (metric, log, & activity log) via the Common Alert Schema
  • Intelligently correlates alerts from Azure Monitor to help you understand and respond faster to production issues

How It Works

The integration works by configuring a webhook action in an Azure Monitor action group, which forwards alerts to the integration where they are normalized and transmitted to BigPanda. BigPanda then processes and correlates the alerts from Azure Monitor with alerts from other source to create and maintain up-to-date incidents in BigPanda.

Installing the Integration

Setup Webhook Action in Azure Monitor

  1. Login to the Azure portal and navigate to Monitor > Alerts > Manage Actions
  2. Either create a new action group or select an existing action group
  3. Add a new webhook action with the following details, replacing YOUR_APP_KEY and YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with your integration App Key and Bearer Token from the integration page in BigPanda



Webhook URL

Use Common Alert Schema

Enabled (checked)


Azure Security Levels

By default, BigPanda disregards Azure alerts with the info priority. These alerts will not create BigPanda incidents or appear in your incident feed.

Uninstalling the Integration

Remove Action from Azure Monitor

  1. Login to the Azure portal and navigate to Monitor > Alerts > Manage Actions
  2. Select your Action Group with the BigPanda webhook action added
  3. Remove the BigPanda webhook action

Manually Resolve All Open Alerts

Manually resolve any open Azure Monitor alerts in BigPanda as they will not auto-resolve with the integration removed.

Remove Integration from BigPanda

Delete the Integration in BigPanda to remove the Azure Monitor integration from your UI.