OpsGenie by Atlassian is a popular alerting & incident management platform. This integration provides automatic creation of single OpsGenie incidents on top of multiple alerts correlated by BigPanda.

This guide is also available on the OpsGenie documentation site.

Supported Versions


Authentication Type

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Key Features

  • Utilize OpsGenie to communicate incidents via email, voice, SMS, and push messages to recipients.

  • Optimize the number of OpsGenie notifications by using BigPanda's alert filtering and correlation.

  • Automatically resolve OpsGenie incidents when respective BigPanda incidents are resolved.

Configure OpsGenie


For Free and Essentials Opsgenie plans you can only add the BigPanda integration from the Teams Dashboard. Please follow the alternate steps below.

  1. Go to the OpsGenie's BigPanda Integration Page.
  2. Specify who is notified of BigPanda incidents using the Teams field. Autocomplete suggestions are provided as you type.


Steps 1 & 2 Alternate

You can alternately add the BigPanda integration from the Teams Dashboard.

Navigate to Teams > Your Team > Integrations > Add Integration and then select the BigPanda integration.

  1. Copy the integration URL (which includes Opsgenie's endpoint as well as the API key).
  2. Click Save Integration

Configure BigPanda

  1. Navigate to the BigPanda Integrations screen, and select OpsGenie from the list
Opsgenie Integration TileOpsgenie Integration Tile

Opsgenie Integration Tile

  1. On the OpsGenie integration page, enter a name for the integration (e.g. OpsGenie), and then click the Generate App Key button.
  2. Fill the Callback URL field with the integration URL copied from Opsgenie previously
  3. Click Configure Webhook
Opsgenie Integration PageOpsgenie Integration Page

Opsgenie Integration Page

Configure AutoShare

Use AutoShare to automatically create OpsGenie incidents for BigPanda incidents that belong to specific environments.

  1. Go to the AutoShare definition screen in settings.
  2. Click on Create AutoShare.
  3. Choose the desired environment from the Choose Environment drop-down and then the OpsGenie webhook from the Escalate via drop-down
  4. Click Next and save the webhook.