Open Integration Manager Preprocessing Functions

Find information about preprocessing functions performed on complex OIM integrations.

Before being ingested into BigPanda, the Open Integration Manager performs preprocessing functions on some complex integrations. Preprocessing functions are essential components of OIM that transform, delete, create, or update incoming data before it reaches OIM. This allows the data to be mapped appropriately to tags in BigPanda. You can view these functions in the Integration Manager tab within OIM.

View Preprocessing Functions

Preprocessing functions are visible within the Integration Manager tab in OIM integrations. To view preprocessing functions used on the integration, click the Settings cog icon.

OIM Preprocessing Functions Location

OIM Preprocessing Functions Location


If there are no preprocessing functions performed on the integration, the Settings cog icon will be greyed out and display the number zero next to it.

The Preprocessing Functions window shows all global and custom functions applied for the integration. Click the arrow on the preprocessing function box to expand details about the function. The following information is available:

  • Function name
  • Description
  • Source tags
OIM Preprocessing Functions

OIM Preprocessing Functions

Available Preprocessing Functions

The following preprocessing functions are used in the Open Integration Manager:

Function nameDescriptionIntegrations
dateToStringConverts a date string or epoch string into a formatted date string.Splunk
valueMapTranslates values based on a setstatic map.Entuity AppDynamics
duplicateDuplicates the selected tags in the payload, adding with a prefix.Datadog AppDynamics
splitSplits a string into an array of items.Datadog
addTagAdds a new tag to the payload.Splunk
keyValuePairParserParses an array of strings into separate tags containing each value to create a key value entry in the object.Datadog
sanitizeMarkdownConverts markdown to regular text.Datadog
replaceReplaces the tag or value for a given tag.Splunk Datadog LogScale
mathOpsRuns a math operation made up of an expression and arguments.Splunk
timeStringToSecondsTurns a time string such as 1h or 2m into seconds.Splunk
decodeURIDecodes URI encoded strings.Entuity
regexExtractionUses a regular expression to extract a value from a tag into a new tag name.

Note: This function returns the matched text, it does not support capture groups.
coalesceToTagChecks for the presence of each tag in the payload, finds the first match containing a value, and assigns it to the value in coalescedTagName as well as the value in the payload.Cloudwatch
deleteTagDeletes a tag in the payload.Cloudwatch
findAndMoveItemUpFinds an object in an array and moves it up one level as a single object. Item object is passed into the expression.Cloudwatch
cloudwatch_processDimensionsLoops through the dimensions array in a CloudWatch alert and sets specific properties for the object and dimensions key.Cloudwatch
cloudwatch_processMetricsLoops through the metrics array in a CloudWatch alert and expression, operator and check property.Cloudwatch
cloudwatch_processSubscriptionConfirmationProcesses the CloudWatch subscription confirmation type. The message does not result in an alert and does not go to OIM.Cloudwatch
stringToObjectParses a string and converts it to a JSON object.Cloudwatch LogScale