BigPanda in the EU

BigPanda offers secure, data-compliant EMEA deployment options.

Organizations operating in the UK or European Union face strict data localization and residency requirements for data protection, security and compliance. To support EMEA organizations, BigPanda offers local hosting within the EU.

This BigPanda instance will conform to leading international security and privacy standards to store customer data in Europe. BigPanda EU hosting delivers the same high engineering standards, high-availability, redundancy and responsiveness that US organizations enjoy.

Why BigPanda EU

Data security and privacy is vital in the modern landscape of cloud computing. Compliance with GDPR and other residency and privacy initiatives builds necessary trust and credibility. As BigPanda processes data that is sometimes sensitive, we want to ensure that organizations can have visibility and confidence in where and how your data is stored and processed.

All data stored and processed in the EU and UK will remain within those territories to stay in compliance with data localization and residency requirements.

BigPanda has selected Frankfurt, Germany as the primary data center location for all EU data processing. The Frankfurt data-center is one of five AWS centers that purchase and retire environmental attributes, like Renewable Energy Credits and Guarantees of Origin, to cover the non-renewable energy that may be used in these regions.

Deployment Options for Global Teams

Multi-tenancy across regions is not supported, so your rganizations will need to choose which region they would like to be deployed in. Keeping instances separate ensures that all EMEA data remains within EMEA regulatory areas.

However, organizations can choose to have multiple, single tenancy deployments. For example, different business units within an organization can choose their deployment region of choice. Data, login, and incident management would be separated between the two units. Your organization would be responsible for consolidating any reporting and analytics, correlation patterns, and resolution workflows across disparate regions.

Regardless of deployment region, organizations can trust BigPanda’s extreme reliability and processing speed. Global teams will find the same responsiveness of product in both EU and US regions.

To learn more about BigPanda’s commitment to GDPR and local residency requirements, please reach out to your BigPanda account team or contact our sales team.


Migrate to the EU

If your organization originally onboarded with BigPanda in the US and you are interested in migrating your hosting to the EU, please reach out to your BigPanda account team.

Use BigPanda in the EU

The functionality and performance of BigPanda is the same for instances hosted in both the US and the EU. However, to ensure the data streams are kept local, there are some small differences in how users interact with BigPanda in the EU.

EU Prefixes

Several elements within BigPanda are accessed with a prefix to the URL.

  • Main UI URL
  • API endpoints
    •{api endpoint}
  • SSO integration endpoints
    •{sso endpoint}
    • In some rare instances: prod-eu-central-1-api/login/{sso endpoint}
  • Email integration addresses
    • Addresses issued at integration creation follow a standard pattern:

Documentation, BigPanda University, Status Updates, and Support Resources are accessed without the prefix.

Leverage BigPanda Example APIs

For users on the EU instance, all BigPanda APIs are accessed with the eu- prefix.

The Default API examples and reference documentation do not include region-specific prefixes. Instead, we include a unique code example for users in the EU.

To access the EU example code, navigate to the relevant API reference page, then click the dropdown arrow on the top right hand side of the example module. This will open code library options, from which you can choose the EU option for your request.

Choose the correct code library for your examples

Choose the correct code library for your examples

Whitelist Source IPs

To enable outbound integrations with certain collaboration tools, like JIRA and ServiceNow, you may need to whitelist BigPanda IP addresses.

Outbound IPs

BigPanda uses the IP address for outbound integrations to the EU. Add this IP address to your firewall rules to allow BigPanda to create tickets and share updates with the respective systems.

Add this IP address to your firewall rules to allow BigPanda to create tickets and share updates with your respective systems.

Inbound IPs

At this time, BigPanda does not have dedicated IP addresses for sending data to BigPanda, but instead leverages an AWS IP block.

The IP addresses for our API endpoints could change at any time to an address within AWS's IP block. You can find an up-to-date list of AWS IPs here.

New Feature Delay

Some features that are rolling out to customers or still in refinement stages may not be fully released to EU customers. All features are released to EU customers as soon as BigPanda has confidence that their release will not impact data security or privacy policies in the EU.

Features that may be delayed include:

  • New Unified Analytics dashboards
  • Platform updates that affect data processing

Multi-Region Users

For organizations that have opted to open BigPanda instances in more than one region, users who should have access to multiple regions will need to take extra caution when using BigPanda.

Separate Login

When logging in to BigPanda, users should ensure they are entering the correct BigPanda instance.

  • Urls starting with = US instance
  • Urls starting with = EU instance

If users are having difficulty switching login, they may need to clear browser cookies, or use an alternate browser.

At any time, users can check which BigPanda instance they are using the URL.


SSO Limitations

SSO integrations tie user accounts to only one instance of BigPanda. Users will need to log in using their email and password for the secondary instance.

Separate Configurations

BigPanda configuration is unique to each instance. Organizations leveraging BigPanda in more than one region will need to configure each instance separately.

As systems and processes generally differ dramatically across business units, this also ensures that each instance is configured to the incident triage and remediation processes unique to that unit.


Configuration Transfer

The BigPanda APIs allow you to easily retrieve, modify, and add configuration settings to BigPanda. You can use the APIs to retrieve from one region, make necessary adjustments, and then create the configuration items to the secondary region.