Unified Analytics Dashboards

Unified Analytics allows your team to gain insights by visualizing trends in your monitoring data.

BigPanda offers a number of standard dashboards that report on key performance elements such as MTTx, tool efficiency, platform usage, and more. Each of these dashboards is designed around the unique reporting needs of a busy ITOps team and focuses on data vital to maintaining monitoring efficacy.

Unified Analytics Dashboard

Unified Analytics Dashboard


BigPanda University Training

Learn how to maximize your Unified Analytics dashboards with the BPU Unified Analytics Certification. Learn best practices and advanced dashboard management, and test your knowledge to receive the official BigPanda Unified Analytics Credly badge.

In order to start the course, you may need to register for or log in to BPU.

Standard Dashboards

The following dashboards are available for BigPanda customers using Unified Analytics.

Alert AnalysisDeep dive on alert payloads sent to BigPanda from inbound tools.
EnrichmentAn overview of correlation and enrichment trends within your incidents.
Executive SummaryA high-level overview of alert and compression metrics for leadership.
ITSM ToolsAn in-depth analysis on outbound integrations that are receiving BigPanda incidents.
Monitoring SourcesDetailed metrics on inbound integrations sending alert data to BigPanda.
MTTx BreakdownDetailed deep dive into trends and statistics for organizational MTTx measures.
Raw DataAll of your reporting data in simple table format.
Teams EfficiencyDetailed records of user actions and behavior within BigPanda.
Correlation Patterns InsightsProvides insight into the effectiveness and trends of your correlation patterns.
Event ProcessingProvides early insight into the success of your BigPanda configurations, even if you just recently started using the platform.
Monitoring EventsProvides detailed metrics on inbound integrations sending event data to BigPanda.
Usage DataProvides a clear line of sight into the volume of events and incidents within the BigPanda platform.