An incident is the correlation of one or more alerts that represent an issue that can impact the business through a service disruption. It represents a high-level issue in your system.

A single production issue often manifests itself in multiple alerts. For example, a disk issue can trigger a disk IO alert that, in turn, triggers a series of CPU, memory, database, and application alerts. Additionally, each alert may change as an issue progresses. An alert may start as a warning, and then increase in severity to a critical status. In these cases, diagnosing and fixing the issue requires up-to-date information from multiple sources, which is very difficult to gather and maintain manually.

BigPanda digests all of the raw data from your integrated monitoring systems and automatically correlates this complex data into single issue incidents, which gives you the visibility you need to investigate and resolve issues quickly.

Incident Callouts

Incident Callouts

1 - Incident
2 - Alert
3 - Event

All active and recently resolved incidents appear on the Incidents tab, where you can manage incidents through the operations workflow with BigPanda as your unified console. You can also escalate incidents through external ticketing and/or collaboration systems—manually as needed, or automatically as a smart ticketing solution—and BigPanda will keep the external systems up to date with the latest information.

The life cycle of an incident is defined by the life cycle of the alerts it contains. See Incidents in BigPanda for more information.