New Updates Only

The alert_updates tag is a new feature as of May 20th, 2024. Only alert updates received after that date will be counted in the tag.

In BigPanda, raw event data from the same system issue is marshaled into a singular alert so that you can visualize the life cycle of a detected issue over time. BigPanda’s built-in deduplication process intelligently parses these incoming raw events to reduce noise. Exact duplicates are filtered out of the UI, but updates to existing alerts are accumulated rather than creating a brand-new alert.

The alert_updates tag tracks the number of updates made to an alert between its creation and the latest update. This tag gives you visibility into the number of events merged into a single alert, and allows you to prioritize incidents based on update frequency. The alert_updates tag is also included in AutoShares.


Reserved Word

Alert_updates is a reserved system word within BigPanda and cannot be changed or redefined for use in custom enrichment.