Use BigPanda to send alert messages to yours and your team members' Slack as they happen in real-time. Integrating Slack shortens incident resolution time, creates transparency and encourages communication between members of your team.

Supported Versions


Authentication Type

SaaS Deployments


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Key Features

  • Customized alerts— See if your incidents have updated without opening the BigPanda console. Updates to your incidents will be sent to your configured Slack channel in real time.
  • Streamline workflows— Invite your team members to the Slack alert channel(s) specifically pertaining to them, clearly designating responsibilities and saving time.
  • Communication optimization— The invited members of Slack alert channels can all weigh in on alert causes and fixes, capitalizing on a diverse knowledge base of expertise to tackle each issue.

How It Works

Once installed, the Slack integration sends HTTP POST requests with a JSON payload containing alert information to a Slack Incoming Webhook. The integration sends notifications for new alerts, comments and invitations to the channel by default. You also have the option of manually sending messages containing pertinent incident updates.

Installing the Integration

  1. Login to BigPanda and, from the Integrations tab, click New Integration.
  2. In the Create a New Integration screen, find Slack and click Integrate.
  3. Follow the instructions in the BigPanda console to install and configure your Slack Integration.

To learn more about integrating monitoring services, see Installing an Integration.

Creating an Incoming Webhook for BigPanda in Slack

Share BigPanda incidents with a channel.

  1. In your BigPanda workspace in Slack, go to Slack Home > Slack Integrations and select Incoming WebHooks.
  2. Click on the create a new channel link under the dropdown menu.
  3. Name the channel, invite the team members you wish to include and click Create Channel.
  4. Click on Add Incoming WebHooks Integration.
  5. Copy the Webhook URL to the form.
  6. Click on Save Settings. Your new channel is now visible in your BigPanda Integrations list. The area to the right of the list displays the name and app key used to create any integration selected.

Deleting the Integration

Delete the Integration in BigPanda to remove the Slack integration from your UI.