Artificial Intelligence

Also known as machine intelligence, artificial intelligence(AI) is the ability for machine systems to mimic human cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving. The goal of artificial intelligence is to create machines or programs that can work, react, and respond to complex situations.

For most business initiatives, the focus of artificial intelligence is to design programs that can develop and progress in a specific task without using explicit instructions, allowing the program to rely on patterns and inference instead. Machine learning allows for a machine or program to develop and create a solution on its own, once limitations and standards are set, rather than simply following programming.

BigPanda’s Pragmatic AI combines the power of AI with transparency and customization through explainable AI. With BigPanda Pragmatic AI, the logic is explained to IT Operations teams in plain English. Teams can then edit this logic to add situational and tribal knowledge to strengthen it on their own, without requiring expert data scientists. From there, teams can test and run what-if experiments on real live production data to make sure their changes work as intended, before deploying them, promoting higher trust and adoption of machine learning throughout the organization.

Learn more about how BigPanda uses machine learning in the Pragmatic AI documentation.