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New to BigPanda? Review this section to get up and running quickly so you can get back to fixing the world's broken stuff.

BigPanda is an algorithmic event correlation platform that enables IT Operations teams to cut through the noise, remediate IT issues faster and with fewer resources, and achieve dramatically higher service levels.

BigPanda keeps businesses running with AIOps that transform IT data into insight and action. With BigPanda’s AIOps platform, businesses prevent IT outages, improve incident management and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Without BigPanda, IT Ops, NOC, and DevOps teams struggle with a tsunami of data and highly-manual, reactive scale, complexity, and velocity of modern IT environments. This results in painful outages, unhappy customers, growing IT headcount, and the inability to focus on innovation.

BigPanda is designed to make identifying, triaging, and resolving outages easy, with intuitive single-pane of glass UI and deep context enrichment. Admins and managers have the ability to view detailed analytics and adjust the configuration to better meet individual organizational needs.

Key Features

BigPanda has the resources you need to bring your IT operations to the next level. We make it easy to handle issues quickly and help prevent incidents from escalating to a full-on outage.

BigPanda has the following key features built-in:

  • Easy incident management - Solve problems quickly by triaging and remediating incidents within the BigPanda UI.
  • Automatic enrichment - Set up criteria to automatically enrich incidents with additional contextual information via tags.
  • AutoShare - Automatically share incidents to your team via email, SMS, or integrated systems such as ServiceNow or Jira.
  • Integrations - BigPanda provides several types of integrations that allow you to receive data from your Ops tools and share information with your collaborators through other systems.
  • Unified Analytics - Unified Analytics provides both standard and custom dashboards allowing you to visualize your monitoring data and identify trends.
  • BigPanda APIs - BigPanda provides public APIs that empower you to create custom solutions and develop deep two-way integrations.

BigPanda for Business Leaders

  • Learn how BigPanda works - Visit BigPanda University to view courses, guides, and receive certifications for BigPanda.
  • View reports and analytics - Unified Analytics features powerful, highly interactive IT Operations dashboards that deliver new insights into IT-enabled business improvements. See the Unified Analytics documentation to learn more.
  • Plan your implementation - Learn more about the PANDA Rollout Process, our fast and easy process for getting your team up and running.
  • Attend a webinar - BigPanda has frequent live sessions as well as recordings of previous educational webinars. See our Webinars page and filter by role or topic to find what you need.
  • Request a demo - Ready to see how BigPanda can help you reduce outages and increase productivity? Request a Demo today!

BigPanda for Techs

  • Learn to navigate BigPanda - View the Navigate BigPanda pages to learn about the layout of the BigPanda UI.

  • Learn how BigPanda works - BigPanda University has plenty of courses and guides to help you get started.

  • Get started with BigPanda incidents - Browse the Incidents in BigPanda documentation to learn more about the incident management process.

BigPanda for Admins and Team Leads

  • Learn how BigPanda works - View instructional courses on BigPanda University.
  • Start configuring BigPanda - View the Configure BigPanda documentation pages to begin customizing and preparing your instance of BigPanda.
  • Integrate tools with BigPanda - Integrations keep your systems in sync with BigPanda. Check out the Integrations documentation to learn how to integrate your monitoring, collaboration, change, and topology tools with BigPanda.
  • Adjust user roles and permissions - Administrators are able to manage who can access your organization's data in BigPanda. See our Roles Management documentation for configuration information.
  • Use BigPanda APIs - BigPanda APIs allow you to integrate with external tools and manage incidents and BigPanda elements in bulk. Browse our API Reference documentation pages to learn more.

Get Help

At BigPanda, we're committed to giving you the tools and information you need to be successful. We offer multiple ways to get the help you need when you need it. You can send us messages from inside the application, use the Docs and FAQs to find information, or open a ticket with support. Contact us anytime — we're here to help!