Notify team members through XMatters when critical incidents occur.

Supported VersionsTypeAuthentication Type
<= Jun/Jul 2022APIUser API Key

This integration creates a sharing channel from BigPanda to xMatters. When a BigPanda incident has a change in status, an API call is triggered to xMatters with a payload. The payload arrives at xMatters' Integration Builder and an event is subsequently created, followed by recipient notification.

xMatters has two methods of notification:

  • User targeted, the user's device or devices will be notified. This recipient can respond with "Acknowledge" to read the details of the incident and then terminate the event.

  • Group targeted, the first active member in a group's roster will be notified. This recipient can respond with "Acknowledge" or "Escalate", which forwards the event to the next user in the escalation list.


The xMatters integration follows standard AutoShare rules. See the Sharing Rules documentation for more information.

Key Features

  • Automatically notify recipients on a variety of devices when a correlated BigPanda incident is created.

  • Utilize xMatters to communicate via email, voice, SMS, and push messages to recipients.

  • Allows users to action correlated incidents by replying with "Acknowledge" or "Escalate" from their device.

Install the Integration

Administrators can install the integration by following the on-screen instructions in BigPanda.

Uninstall the Integration

Deleting an integration requires changes to both the integrated system and BigPanda. You must uninstall the integration on the integrated system and then delete the integration from BigPanda.


When replacing an existing integration with a new tool or system, we recommend configuring the new integration first to ensure no data is lost.

Stop Sending Data from BigPanda

In BigPanda, disable any settings that send data to the integrated system. This includes modifying or removing AutoShare rules or Environments that are tied to the integration.

Delete the Integration from BigPanda

  1. In BigPanda, navigate to the Integrations tab and select the desired integration from the list.
  2. In the integration details on the right of the page, click the trash icon, then confirm you want to delete the integration. The integration will then be removed immediately.

️Data Removal

This procedure does not remove any data from BigPanda or the integrated system. As needed, remove data from each system before deleting the integration.