Widgets are easy to read, individually managed components within a larger interface. Widgets enable you to visualize specific data sets individually and together. Widgets make up both Live Dashboards and Unified Analytics.

BigPanda Dashboards provide easy-to-read operational health metrics in a consolidated view. Ideal for NOC displays and status monitoring, each Dashboard is made up of a series of widgets showing color-coded key information on incident severity and status for incidents in a specific environment.

Each widget shows information for a single environment, making it easy to track incident metrics by region, team, or infrastructure types. For example, you might have environments for each business service so that you can track metrics on each separately.

In addition, BigPanda Unified Analytics dashboards are made up of individual widgets that display visualizations of your monitoring data. Reporting widgets may include charts, graphs, and tables. Each dashboard is configured to show a specific group of widgets to make visualizing business impact easy.

Report widgets may be configured to hone in on tags, resources, and KPIs of special interest to your team.