ThousandEyes monitors internal and external network performance to improve application delivery and reduce service interruptions. With this integration, BigPanda will capture and correlate alert rules when they are triggered or cleared.

Supported Versions


Authentication Type

SaaS Deployments


Bearer Token

Key Features

  • Uses the ThousandEyes Webhooks integration feature to forward networking alerts to BigPanda.
  • Correlates alerts from ThousandEyes Alert Rules to help you understand and respond faster to production issues.
  • Alert Rules configured to send clear events will automatically resolve the corresponding alert in BigPanda on receipt of a clear event.

How It Works

The integration works by configuring the Webhooks integration feature in ThousandEyes. A BigPanda URL endpoint is added, which prompts ThousandEyes to forward all relevant alert information to BigPanda. BigPanda then processes and correlates the alert data from ThousandEyes to create and maintain up-to-date incidents in BigPanda.

Installing The Integration

Administrators can install the integration by following the on-screen instructions in BigPanda. For more information, see Installing an Integration.

ThousandEyes Data Model

BigPanda normalizes alert data from ThousandEyes into tags. You can use tag values to filter the incident feed and to define filter conditions for Environments. The primary and secondary properties are also used during the correlation process.

Standard Tags





Name of the corresponding test in ThousandEyes

Primary Property


Specific alert rule that triggered the alert

Secondary Property


Unique Id for the particular ThousandEyes alert

Incident Identifier


Type of ThousandEyes alert (e.g. End-to-End (Agent))


Conditions required to trigger this alert rule


Hyperlink to the alert in the ThousandEyes console


Unique Id for the triggered rule


Unique Id for the particular test

Uninstalling ThousandEyes

You must remove the BigPanda webhook from all Alert Rules in ThousandEyes to stop sending alerts to BigPanda.


Manually resolve any open incidents related to the integration to remove them from your incident feed. Optionally, remove any additional data in BigPanda. For example, modify or remove any Environments or AutoShare rules that reference the integration.


  1. In the ThousandEyes dashboard, in the left-hand nav under SETTINGS, click Alerts > Alert Rules
  2. Select an Alert Rule currently sending to the BigPanda webhook, click to expand, and then select the Notifications tab
  3. Under the WEBHOOKS section, click the x next to the BigPanda webhook to remove it from that alert
  4. Repeat for other Alert Rules sending to the BigPanda webhook


Delete the Integration in BigPanda to remove the ThousandEyes integration from your UI.