BigPanda AIOps

BigPanda is an event correlation and automation platform that can turn IT noise into automated actions.

BigPanda aggregates, normalizes, and enriches events collected from fragmented tools and uses AI to correlate that data into actionable insights. The platform allows you to detect incidents as they form, in real-time, before they escalate into outages.

BigPanda provides tools to quickly isolate an incident’s root cause. This includes visualizing incident progression, identifying changes to services and infrastructure that cause incidents, and surfacing probable root causes in the form of incident titles.

BigPanda streamlines incident response with automatic incident triage, bi-directional ticketing, and notifications. Connections to third-party runbook automation tools allow workflow automations to enable faster incident response.

Strategic Pillars

  • Agnostic Architecture - BigPanda unifies your entire monitoring system by ingesting and sharing data to the tools you prefer, whether you are using cloud, on-prem, or hybrid data center environments.
  • Pragmatic AI - BigPanda's no-experts-required explainable AI delivers transparent, testable, and controllable ML logic that is purpose-built for incident responders.
  • Fast and Easy - BigPanda is easy to start, with a cloud-native architecture, lightning-fast provisioning, and an intuitive UI designed to make triaging and remediating incidents simple.

Key Features

Data Engineering

Data Engineering is the act of collecting, cleaning, and preparing data for AIOps processing. BigPanda engineers your raw events across several stages including filtering, normalization, deduplication, aggregation, and enrichment.

BigPanda’s Data Engineering service dramatically reduces IT noise by filtering out false positives and benign events, and deduplicating recurring or cross-platform repetitions of the event. By aggregating events into high-quality alerts, IT Ops teams are able to see through the noise to focus on events that are actually related to incidents and outages.

BigPanda’s Data Engineering service aggregates high-quality alerts from all of your monitoring tools together into a single pane of glass. This eliminates the need for teams to switch between different tool consoles when working on incidents and outages.

Read more about the advantages of normalizing and cleaning monitoring data in the Data Engineering documentation.

Incident Intelligence

BigPanda’s Incident Intelligence service provides a powerful AI/ML-driven alert correlation engine that can help identify incidents in real-time, accelerate triage by adding business context and business logic, and surface probable root cause. Incident Intelligence enables faster incident detection, accelerated triage, and reduced escalations.

BigPanda correlates high-quality alerts together using AI/ML to identify high-level issues within your infrastructure, called incidents. By combining alerts from across your integrated monitoring systems, you gain visibility into the entire outage, helping you prevent these incidents from escalating into crippling outages.

BigPanda then adds operational and business context to incidents, including topology and service data, recent changes, relevant runbooks, and more.

Read more about the incident correlation and enrichment process in the Incident Intelligence documentation.

Workflow Automation

Incident triage and remediation traditionally involves dozens of manual actions to notify and coordinate teams. Many incidents escalate into crippling outages that impact users and customers only because IT Ops teams had not been mobilized in time to mitigate the issue.

BigPanda’s Workflow Automation service accelerates incident investigation and resolution by leveraging automated notifications and ticketing.

By integrating with ITSM and ticketing tools, you are able to configure automations to sync BigPanda’s high-quality incidents with those tools. Automated collaboration tools mean that team members are sent full incident data, tickets are created and updated as the incident progresses, and automated runbooks can be triggered, all within seconds of the triggering event.

To read more about how to configure and leverage automation in your incident management processes, see the Workflow Automation documentation.

BigPanda Analytics

Analytics is an important feature that allows you to get insight into the effectiveness of your IT operations. BigPanda provides a variety of standard and customized reporting options. Analytics and reporting features help you visualize trends and KPIs on the business impact and effectiveness of your IT Ops processes.

BigPanda Analytics also presents real-time statistics on operational health and bandwidth in a single pane. Visualize system-wide severity and status across multiple environments at once, allowing your teams to see overall service health at a glance.

Through rich historical reports and real-time data, you can track recurring incidents and outages, and identify the infrastructure elements or applications causing them. This helps you fix or eliminate them so that your existing IT Ops, NOC, and DevOps teams can handle more incidents than before.

BigPanda Analytics also helps IT Ops teams identify problematic, noisy, or misconfigured tools that generate low-quality alerts.

To learn more about how to leverage the BigPanda reporting and analytics options, see the BigPanda Analytics documentation.

Pragmatic AI

With BigPanda Pragmatic AI, the logic of machine learning suggestions is explained in plain language. Administrators and ITOps team members can add situational and tribal knowledge to the logic to strengthen it on their own, without requiring expert data scientists.

By recommending new correlation patterns based on new event streams and predicting probable root cause changes, BigPanda’s AI Engine helps IT Ops teams stay on top of real-time incident detection and cut down on the time it takes to investigate an incident and resolve it.

BigPanda AI doesn’t change your data itself, but suggests potential improvements and correlations, allowing you to preview the implications on real live production data before deploying them.

Read more about how BigPanda uses machine learning to drive IT Ops improvements in the Pragmatic AI documentation.

Enterprise Safety and Security

BigPanda is committed to the security of your data. BigPanda uses a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

You also have several security controls available within BigPanda such as

To learn more about how BigPanda protects your data, see the Security documentation.

Beta Improvements

BigPanda is continuously improving and adding new functionality. Some functionality is released in a limited or trial setting, called a Beta. Beta features are ready for use, but may experience changes as the product team finalizes feature functionality, UI polish, and stability. Features may have limitations on scale or availability while in Beta.

If you are interested in using a feature that is currently in Beta, reach out to your BigPanda Account Manager.

Get Started

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