Standard Integrations

BigPanda offers 50+ standard integrations to common monitoring and observability tools.

Standard integrations are any integration that has a tile in BigPanda, or uses the Open Integration Manager or Email Parser. BigPanda offers 50+ standard integrations to streamline receiving ops tools data and sharing information with your collaborators through other systems.

BigPanda's inbound integrations make it simple to bring together monitoring, change, and topology tools. and normalize events and enrich them with deep contextual information.

BigPanda's outbound collaboration integrations communicate bi-directionally to keep ticketing, notifications, and chat tools in sync across your teams.

Full Integrated Suite

Full Integrated Suite

Types of Integrations

BigPanda offers several types of integrations:

  • Monitoring: allows BigPanda to receive alerts from your monitoring systems, such as Nagios, SolarWinds, and AppDynamics. Many users start by integrating these systems.

  • Collaboration: allows you to share incidents from BigPanda with your co-workers through other systems such as Jira or Slack.

  • Changes: allows BigPanda to receive change notifications from your change systems, such as CloudTrail, Jenkins, ServiceNow, and Jira.

  • Topology: allows you to enrich alerts coming into BigPanda with topology information from configuration management, cloud and virtualization management, service discovery, APM, and CMDB tools.

Agent vs. Webhook Integrations

BigPanda has the flexibility to support both SaaS and on-premise monitoring tools.

Most SaaS tools (such as CloudWatch or New Relic) are integrated using Webhooks. Whenever the SaaS tool generates an alert, it posts an HTTP message directly to BigPanda. BigPanda listens to incoming messages and processes them.

Many on-premise tools are integrated using the BigPanda agent. The agent is a low-footprint utility installed on the master host of your monitoring tool. It consumes alerts from the tool in real time, and then transmits them to BigPanda via SSL-encrypted HTTP calls.

The agent can require some additional steps to configure. To learn more about using the agent, see the BigPanda Agent documentation.

Standard vs. Custom Integrations

Standard integrations are any integration that has a tile in BigPanda, or uses the Open Integration Manager or Email Parser. See the diagram below for more information about the difference between standard and custom integrations.

Standard vs. Custom Integrations

Standard vs. Custom Integrations

If you need to configure a custom integration, BigPanda Professional Services offers fee-based custom integration services.

Best Practices

Before you begin to configure standard integrations, we recommend taking preparation steps to ensure a smooth launch.

For all integrations:

  • Identify the tool version and ensure it is compatible with BigPanda.
  • If integrating a monitoring tool, ensure it has the ability to send outbound event notifications.
  • Check that the tool has access to the internet to outbound event notifications.
  • Check that all security requirements (such as whitelisting) are met to send traffic outside the core network.
  • Review the BigPanda integration instructions and requirements for your tool.

For Open Integration Manager enabled integrations:

  • Confirm that the monitoring event payload headers and body be customized.
  • Check that the event headers support org bearer token authentication.
  • Ensure event payload bodies can be formatted in JSON.

For standard Email Parser integrations:

  • Configure email recipients to be sent to a BigPanda inbox.
  • Format email bodies into text or HTML.
  • Ensure that email templates remain consistent between event types.

Relevant Permissions

Roles with the following permissions can access the Integrations tab.

Role NameDescription
Integrations_ReadRead-only - view BigPanda Integrations in the BigPanda Integrations tab.
Integrations_Full_AccessFull access - view, install, uninstall and/or work with integrations in the BigPanda Integrations tab.

To learn more about how BigPanda's permissions work, see the Roles Management guide.

Standard Integrations


ProductSupported VersionsTypeAuthentication Type
AirbrakeSaaS Deployments (Deprecated)Webhook
API FortressSaaS and On-Premise DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
AppDynamicsup to v21; On-Premise, Dedicated SaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
AppOpticsSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
Azure MonitorSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
CA Spectrum9.4.xSpectrum ScriptsOrg Bearer Token
CatchpointSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
Cisco MerakiSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
CloudWatchSaaS DeploymentsCloudFormation, WebhookOrg Bearer Token
Cribl<= 4.0.4WebhookOrg Bearer Token
DatadogSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
Dynatrace APMSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
Entuityv19 to v21WebhookOrg Bearer Token
GrafanaGrafana v5.0.0-v9.0.0WebhookOrg Bearer Token
Icinga1, 2AgentOrg Bearer Token
LibratoSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
LogentriesSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
LogicMonitorSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
LogScale1.98.0WebhookOrg Bearer Token
Logz.ioSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
Nagios3, 4AgentOrg Bearer Token
Nagios XI4, 5AgentOrg Bearer Token
New RelicSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
OpsviewNagios-Compatible Versions (Version 5 and older)AgentOrg Bearer Token
Oracle Enterprise Manager12c, 13cEmail ParserN/A
PanoptaSaaS Deployments (Deprecated)Webhook
PingdomSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
PrometheusAlertmanager <= v0.24.0WebhookOrg Bearer Token
PRTGSaaS Deployments; English (Only)WebhookOrg Bearer Token
ScienceLogic< 11.3.0Action Script/WebhookOrg Bearer Token
SCOM (Microsoft System Center Operations Manager)System Center 2012 R2 and 2016WebhookOrg Bearer Token
ScoutSaaS Deployments (Deprecated)Webhook
SematextSasS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
Sensu<= 6.9.0WebhookOrg Bearer Token
SentrySaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
SiteScope<= 2022.11WebhookOrg Bearer Token
Site24x7SaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
SolarWindsOrion Server/Network Performance Monitor, Versions <= 2022.4WebhookOrg Bearer Token
SplunkSplunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud <= 9.0Native App (v6.3+)
Action Script (pre v6.3)
Org Bearer Token
SQL Sentry< = 2023.2.9WebhookOrg Bearer Token
StatusCakeSaaS Deployments (Deprecated)Webhook
Sumo LogicSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
ThousandEyesSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
Tivoli EIF7, 8AgentOrg Bearer Token
VMware Aria Operations<= 8.10WebhookOrg Bearer Token
WavefrontSaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token
Zabbix2.2, 3.0, 3.2, 4.x, 5.x, 6.xAgentOrg Bearer Token
ZenossZenoss Core 4, 5, 6AgentOrg Bearer Token


ProductSupported VersionsTypeAuthentication Type
Ansible Automation Platform<= v2.4WebhookOrg Bearer Token
AsanaSaaS DeploymentsAPIUser API Key
JIRAJIRA Cloud <= 9.4APIUser API Key and Org Bearer Token
OpsGenieSaaS DeploymentsAPIUser API Key
PagerDutySaaS DeploymentsAPIOrg Bearer Token
ServiceNowTokyo (v2.3+), San Diego (v2.3+), Rome (v2.3+), Quebec, Paris, Orlando, New York, Madrid, London, Kingston, Jakarta, IstanbulAPIUser API Key and Bearer Token
SlackSaaS DeploymentsAPIOrg Bearer Token
xMatters<= Jun/Jul 2022APIUser API Key

️ Deprecated Features

The Airbrake, Panopta, Scout, and StatusCake integrations are no longer being updated and may be removed in a future product version. At this time, they are still available only to current users of those integrations. If you are using these tools, consider building a custom integration with the Alerts API. BigPanda Professional Services offers fee-based custom integration services.


ProductSupported VersionsTypeAuthentication Type
CloudTrailSaaSAPIUser API Key
Jenkins1.546 - 2.375.1Native Plugin, WebhookUser API Key
Jira - ChangesJira Cloud, Jira ServerNative App, WebhookUser API Key and Org Bearer Token
ServiceNowTokyo (v2.3+), San Diego (v2.3+), Rome (v2.3+), Quebec, Paris, Orlando, New York, Madrid, London, Kingston, Jakarta, IstanbulNative App, APIUser API Key and Org Bearer Token


ProductSupported VersionsTypeAuthentication Type
Datadog TopologySaaSAPIOrg Bearer Token
Dynatrace TopologySaaS DeploymentsAPIOrg Bearer Token
ServiceNowTokyo (v2.3+), San Diego (v2.3+), Rome (v2.3+), Quebec, Paris, Orlando, New York, Madrid, London, Kingston, Jakarta, IstanbulNative App, APIUser API Key and Org Bearer Token
vCenter InventoryvCenter Server 6.5 update 2 - 7.xNative PluginOrg Bearer Token

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