Troubleshoot an Integration

Review event payload errors to troubleshoot integration configuration issues.

In order for BigPanda to receive events from your monitoring tools, each integration must be correctly configured. With certain configuration issues, the payload will fail and the event information will never appear in BigPanda, instead triggering an error. These failed events will not be correlated into alerts, or appear in the BigPanda incident feed.

If an issue or problem occurs with integration payloads, BigPanda allows you to troubleshoot errors and issues right in the console. BigPanda will automatically mark integrations with failed payloads on the Integrations tab. Review these errors to identify and troubleshoot integration issues so that no events are missed.


Errors are only shown in the UI for seven days. We recommend checking regularly to ensure that no events are falling through the cracks, especially during the first few weeks with any new integration.

Troubleshoot an Integration

Integration errors can be seen and investigated on the Integrations tab.

Any integration that has a failed payload in the last seven days will list the number of errors on the integration ribbon. If a payload failed within the last 24 hours, this number will be highlighted in red.

To troubleshoot an integration:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.
  2. The Integrations List shows the name and recent activity for each installed integration.


️ Multiple Integrations For A Single Tool

If you’ve configured multiple integrations for the same tool, each integration is listed separately in the left pane.

  1. (Optional) Filter the list by searching for an integration name.


️ Integration Status

Integrations that have not yet received data are marked with an orange No Data label.

  1. Click the desired integration to see more details in the right pane, including App Key, ID, Errors, and more.
  2. Click Troubleshooting to view details on errors. The Errors field lists a count of recent event payloads that triggered issues on arrival in BigPanda.


Error Details

The Integrations Troubleshooting log only tracks errors that are received by BigPanda. Errors that fail to send or that cannot be parsed by the BigPanda pipeline will not appear in the list.

Error count and details are only maintained for seven days.

The Troubleshooting log provides additional information about the error to help you find the configuration issue in the source tool. You can search the Troubleshooting log to find specific information about an event or payload. The troubleshooting log can be filtered by searching for an existing payload description, or by filtering by date.


The Last Event label can help you identify timelines using the time the last successful event was received.

The Troubleshooting Log

The Troubleshooting Log


To view the payload in a code editor of your choice, click Copy to add the payload to your clipboard.

Once the issue has been identified, reconfigure the source tool or the integration to fix the parsing errors.

Error Types

Error typeDescriptionExplanation
invalid_payloadRequest body must contain at least one alertThe request body is empty. Check the configuration of the monitoring system to ensure it does not send an empty payload.
invalid_payload‘primary_property’ must exist and be one of the following: host, service, application, deviceA primary property is missing. This is a mandatory field that defines how an incident title appears in BigPanda. Make sure each event is sent with one of the following fields: host, service, application, or device.
invalid_payload‘primary_property' X does not reference any propertyThe primary property is mentioned in the payload, but it is not related to a specific entity. The host, service, application, or device must be designated.
invalid_payload‘secondary_property' X does not reference any propertyA secondary property is mentioned in the payload, but it is not related to a specific entity. The check or sensor fields must be designated.
invalid_payload'timestamp' must be a time in Unix format (UTC timezone)Fix the timestamp format to match the UTC timezone definition.
invalid_payload‘status' must exist and be one of the following: ok, critical, warning, unknown, acknowledgedAn improper status field was sent in the payload. Make sure that only one of the following options for status is used: ok, critical, warning, unknown, and acknowledged.

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