Send monitoring events from LogScale to BigPanda.

Supported VersionsType Authentication Type
1.98.0WebhookOrg Bearer Token

LogScale is a platform for consuming and monitoring event data ingested from logs. The software is designed to be used by system administrators and DevOps to monitor large quantities of data from logs, derive the individual events within those logs, and parse the content in order to extract key data points from the source. The extracted and identified data can be used to build graphs, identify anomalies, and create alerts to monitor your systems. Use the integration to start sending monitoring events from LogScale to BigPanda.


Open Integration Manager

The Open Integration Manager is available for use with LogScale. For more information, see the Open Integration Manager documentation.

Install the Integration

Administrators can install the integration by following the on-screen instructions in BigPanda.

Uninstall the Integration

Deleting an integration requires changes to both the integrated system and BigPanda. You must uninstall the integration on the integrated system and then delete the integration from BigPanda.


When replacing an existing integration with a new tool or system, we recommend configuring the new integration first to ensure no data is lost.

Stop Sending Data to BigPanda

On the integrated system, disable any settings that send data to BigPanda.

Manually resolve any open alerts sent from the integration to remove the associated incidents from your incident feed. These incidents will not automatically resolve without an ok status from the original sending integration.

Delete the Integration from BigPanda

  1. In BigPanda, navigate to the Integrations tab and select the desired integration from the list.
  2. In the integration details on the right, click Delete Integration. A support message opens, pre-populated with a request to delete the selected integration.
  3. Press Enter to send the request.
  4. The BigPanda support team will remove the integration from the UI.

This procedure does not remove any data from BigPanda or the integrated system. As needed, remove data from each system before deleting the integration.