Raw Alerts

Use the Raw Alerts dashboard to view all of your reporting data in simple table format.

The Raw Alerts table is ideal for users who would like to interact with their data directly, whether in the dashboard or exported for use in other analytics programs. The table is easily filtered or adjusted to show the columns that are most useful for your reporting needs.


Dashboard Duplication

This dashboard can be duplicated. See the Manage Unified Analytics documentation to learn how to create a new dashboard from a copy.

Key Features

  • Identify the reporting fields used through BigPanda analytics
  • Filter your raw alerts table to find exactly what you need
  • Export the table to a CSV file for easy analysis


The following widget is available in the Raw Alerts Dashboard:

Raw AlertsLists data for each alert, in a sortable, interactive table. Blue hyperlinks enable operators to immediately jump to incidents in BigPanda. This table can be exported to a CSV file for additional reporting in an external tool.

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