The Activity Tab

Use the Activity tab in the Incident Details pane to view activities that took place in an incident.

The Activity tab provides information about activities that occurred within an incident. Within this tab, you can view and add comments, see previous incident actions, and view status changes such as flapping, resolving, reopening, and auto-resolution.


Status Changes

Only the 1000 most recent activities appear in the BigPanda UI. If an incident has more than 1000 activities, all of them can be retrieved using the Get Activities API.

The Activity Log

The Activity Log

Activity Log Filter

The activity log filter allows you to select specific event types to narrow the log, allowing you to find exactly what you need.


Filter Selection

Activity log filter selections are applied per user.

BigPanda will remember your activity log filter selection and apply it to all incidents until the filter has been cleared or a new selection is made.

To filter the activity log, click the Recent Activity drop-down menu, and select one or more categories.

Activity Log Filter

Activity Log Filter

Event CategoryEvent Types
CommentsUser commented on an incident
EnrichmentAI update

Manual or automatic tag update
Flapping & ReopenIncident entered flapping state

Incident reopened
RCCChange was marked as suspect
SharesIncident was AutoShared

Incident was manually shared
Status ChangesAlert payload-driven changes

Incident was manually resolved

Incident entered maintenance
Triage ActionsPriority was assigned or changed

Incident was assigned

Incident was snoozed

Incident was merged with another incident

Incident was split