The Similar Tab

Use the Similar tab within the Incident Details Pane to review incidents with characteristics similar to the selected incident.


Advanced Insight Module

This feature is part of the Advanced Insight Module. If your organization has not purchased this module, you may not have access to the feature.

If you are interested in upgrading to the Advanced Insight Module, contact your BigPanda account team.

The Similar tab displays historical incidents that are similar to the selected incident. Review similar incidents regularly to speed up incident resolution and identify recurring issues.

Navigate the Similar Tab

Similar incidents are ranked in order based on their similarity score, with the most similar incidents appearing first. See the Similarity Calculation documentation for more information about how the score is calculated.


Number of similar incidents

The number of similar incidents found within the past 30 days appears on the Similar tab. This allows you to see if recent similar incidents are available prior to clicking the tab.

The Similar Tab

The Similar Tab

FieldDescriptionRelated Links
1 - Date FilterAdjust the date range that similar incidents may be selected from. View Similar Incidents 
2 - Incident DetailsDetails about the similar incident including the incident title, assignee, number of alerts, priority, comments, and shares.Incident Similarity Details 
3 - Similarity Score, Matched Similarity Categories, and SummaryThe similarity score, which categories were matched, and a summary explaining the matches appears to the right of the incident details.

The similarity score match percentage is calculated based on the matched similarity categories.
Similarity Calculation