CA Spectrum

Send monitoring events from CA Spectrum to BigPanda.

Supported VersionsTypeAuthentication Type
CA Spectrum Version 9.4.xCustom Spectrum Scripts, Python (Version 2.6.x - 2.7.x)Org Bearer Token

CA Spectrum delivers advanced scalability and features that enable your organization
to effectively monitor and manage its dynamic, complex IT infrastructure—including physical, virtual, and cloud environments as well as software-defined networks (SDN). CA Spectrum is a single platform that features proactive network change management, fault isolation, and root cause analysis. With CA Spectrum, you can track, manage and optimize not only the network infrastructure but the business services running on top of it.

Before You Integrate

Before you start, you must have access to the following:

  • CA Spectrum

  • CA Spectrum Alarm Notification Manager (SANM)

  • CA Spectrum AlarmNotifier & AlarmNotifier Enhancements

  • BigPanda Account

  • CA Spectrum Admin User With Read/Write Access

Install the Integration

Administrators can install the integration by following the on-screen instructions in BigPanda.

Deactivate the Integration in BigPanda

If you want to stop sending data to BigPanda but don’t want to delete your integration, you can temporarily deactivate it.

To deactivate an integration:

  1. In BigPanda, navigate to the Integrations tab and select the desired integration from the list. This will open integration details on the right side of the window.
  2. At the top of the integration details, click the Active/Inactive toggle next to the application name to change the status of the integration.


Alert Resolution for Inactive Integrations

Any active alerts belonging to an inactive integration must be manually resolved or they will stay in the system until the auto-resolve window is reached.

Uninstall the Integration

Deleting an integration requires changes to both the integrated system and BigPanda. You must uninstall the integration on the integrated system and then delete the integration from BigPanda.


When replacing an existing integration with a new tool or system, we recommend configuring the new integration first to ensure no data is lost.

Stop Sending Data to BigPanda

On the integrated system, disable any settings that send data to BigPanda.

Manually resolve any open alerts sent from the integration to remove the associated incidents from your incident feed. These incidents will not automatically resolve without an ok status from the original sending integration.

Delete the Integration in BigPanda

  1. In BigPanda, navigate to the Integrations tab and select the desired integration from the list.
  2. In the integration details on the right of the page, click the trash icon, then confirm you want to delete the integration. The integration will then be removed immediately.


Alert Resolution for Deleted Integrations

All active alerts from the integration will be resolved after deletion.

️Data Removal

This procedure does not remove any data from the integrated system.