BigPanda Settings

Use the BigPanda Settings screen to adjust the configuration for your organization.

The BigPanda Settings screen allows you to adjust configurations related to Data Processing, Access Management, System Preferences, and Administration.

To access the BigPanda Settings screen, sign in to the BigPanda UI, navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and click the Settings cog. Select any of the options in the drop-down menu to open the Settings screen.


Roles and Permissions

The options that appear may vary depending on your user role and the functionality that has been purchased by your organization.


The BigPanda Settings menu contains configuration pages as available to you and your role.

From within the Settings screen, select from the list of options.

Settings Options

Settings Options

Data Processing

SectionDescriptionRelated Links
Alert EnrichmentCreate and manage alert tags.

You can create extraction, composition, mapping, or multi-type tags within this screen.
Alert Enrichment
Enrichment MapsImport enrichment maps, and update mapping schemas.

Enrichment maps add tags to incoming alerts based on matching columns in a CSV file. The mapping schema defines rules about how the system should interpret the enrichment map file.
Enrichment Maps
Alert FilteringCreate and manage alert filters.

Alert filters allow you to prevent low-relevancy alerts from being correlated into incidents.
Manage Alert Filtering
Alert CorrelationCreate and manage correlation patterns.

Correlation patterns match incoming events to incidents in BigPanda.
Manage Alert Correlation
Incident EnrichmentCreate and manage incident tags.

Incident tags add additional enrichment and metadata to incidents in BigPanda.
Manage Incident Enrichment
AutoShareCreate and manage conditions for automatically sharing incidents from BigPanda.

Incidents can be shared through email or integrated channels to notify your team of critical issues, automatically create tickets, or loop in team members who don’t use BigPanda.
Manage AutoShare
Planned MaintenanceCreate and manage maintenance plans.

Maintenance plans automatically silence noisy alerts during system maintenance periods.
Manage Planned Maintenance

Access Management

SectionDescriptionRelated Links
User ManagementCreate and manage users, and assign users to roles.User Management
Roles ManagementCreate, manage, and customize roles to limit access to your organization’s data.Roles Management
Single Sign-OnConfigure and manage the connection to your organization’s third-party SSO provider.Single Sign-On
SSO ConfigurationConfigure and manage settings related to Just-In-Time (JIT) provisioning and SAML mapping.SSO Configuration
API KeysCreate and manage API keys.API Key Management

System Preferences

SectionDescriptionRelated Links
Alert ViewCreate and manage alert views.

Alert views allow you to customize the alert tags that display in the console.
Manage Alert Views


SectionDescriptionRelated Links
Audit LogTrack BigPanda configuration changes from within the UI.

Using the Audit Log, admins can search for specific actions and filter the list of actions based on criteria such as timeframe, users, and action categories.
Use the Audit Log
Sharing QuotasBigPanda uses rate limitations to protect third-party vendors from overload. View and request changes to the sharing quotas for email, SMS, and third-party integrations.Rate Limitations

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