Use the Enrichment dashboard to measure correlation and enrichment trends within your incidents.

The Enrichment dashboard helps you visualize the effectiveness of your BigPanda enrichment configuration and highlights alerts that are slipping through the enrichment rules.

Enrichment Dashboard

Enrichment Dashboard


Dashboard Duplication

This dashboard can be duplicated. See the Manage Unified Analytics documentation to learn how to create a new dashboard from a copy.

Key Features

  • Understand how often enrichments are being applied
  • Spot which hosts are commonly missing enrichment
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Filter by individual sources to evaluate effectiveness


The following widgets are available in the Enrichment dashboard:

Total AlertsThe total number of alerts received by BigPanda in the dashboard time period.
Enriched AlertsThe total number of alerts enriched by BigPanda in the dashboard time period.
Enrichment %The percent of received alerts that were enriched by BigPanda.
Enrichment Hit RateThe number of enriched and unenriched alerts entering BigPanda per day over a period of time. The line displays the Enrichment Hit Rate over time.
Alerts with No EnrichmentA count of the alerts that were not enriched, organized by host.

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