The Alerts Tab

Use the Alerts tab in the Incident Details pane to view information about the alerts associated with an incident.

The Alerts tab displays information about alerts associated with an incident. Within this tab, you can view alert details or take action on alerts.

Navigate the Alerts Tab

The Alerts Tab

The Alerts Tab

Click any alert within the table to view additional details. The details that appear can be configured by your BigPanda administrator. See Manage Alert Views for information on tailoring the alert view.

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1 - Alert FiltersClick a checkbox to filter the Alerts table. You can filter by Active, Maintenance, or Resolved alerts.

Each checkbox displays the number of alerts that are currently in that state.

Active alerts are currently in the Critical or Warning state.

Maintenance alerts are alerts that are currently suppressed by a maintenance plan.

Resolved alerts are alerts that have been either manually or automatically resolved.
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Manage Planned Maintenance

Remediate Incidents
2 - SplitSelect one or more alerts and click the Split button to separate them into a new incident.Split Incidents 
3 - ResolveSelect one or more alerts and click the Resolve button to resolve the alerts in BigPanda.Resolve Alerts
4 - Status IndicatorDisplays a colored dot on the left to indicate the current status of a related alert.Incident Details 
5 - LinkIf the alert contains links to more information, such as runbooks or time-series metrics, a clickable link icon will be displayed.Incident Details 
6 - Alert DataDisplays the data for each related alert in a table. The column headers show the tag names and the rows show the tag values. You can drag the center divider to resize the incident feed, and columns are added, removed, or resized dynamically as space allows.

Click the arrow icon at the far right of the Alerts table to open the Alert Info window, which contains full alert data.
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7 - Duration and Last ChangeThe Duration column displays the amount of time since the first event for each alert.

The Last Change column shows the time of the last status change for each alert.
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