Configure BigPanda

Configuration options in BigPanda allow you to tailor your settings to fit the needs of your organization.

BigPanda features many self-service options that allow you to customize your incident management workflow. Within the BigPanda UI, you can adjust settings for alert and incident tags, manage correlation patterns and AutoSharing rules, determine user and role permissions, and more.


Roles and Permissions

BigPanda configuration options are only visible to users with permissions to view and manage those settings. To learn more about how BigPanda's permissions work, see the Roles Management guide.

Most BigPanda settings are managed in the BigPanda UI through the Settings Menu.

Data Processing Settings

Access Management Settings

System Preferences

Administration Settings

Additional Settings

A few settings are managed in the BigPanda UI directly on the relevant tab.

For a detailed guide on navigating these screens in BigPanda, see the Incidents Tab, Dashboards Tab, and Unified Analytics Tab navigation documentation.



Many configuration elements can also be managed through one of BigPanda’s REST APIs. Read more about requirements and potential configuration automation in the Introduction to BigPanda APIs documentation.

Sandbox Testing

Even small configuration changes can have big impacts for incident correlation and user workflows. To ensure that you’re able to test and validate any changes without impacting your ongoing incident monitoring, BigPanda offers a sandbox testing space.

Sandboxes are isolated from production, meaning that changes you make to BigPanda data processing, access, or UI configurations will only affect the sandbox. Test new features, configurations, and automated workflows safely within the sandbox. For customers on BigPanda’s consumption licensing model, sandboxes are not metered. This allows you to test new integrations and incoming payloads without risking a sudden usage spike.

  • By default every customer organization is entitled to 1 sandbox
  • Consumption is not metered in sandboxes
  • Sandboxes may have different data retention periods, data caps, throughput levels, and SLAs than production orgs

Next Steps

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