Roles Management Improvements

The Roles Management page in BigPanda has been fully redesigned, making creating and editing roles easier than ever.

It is now easier than ever to restrict the availability of your organization's sensitive content using the fully redesigned Roles Management settings page in BigPanda. Using the new and improved page, you can quickly create roles and adjust access to areas and functionality of BigPanda on a per-user basis.

Roles Management

Roles Management

What's New

  • Fully redesigned screen for creating and editing roles with ease
  • Faster, more intuitive way to assign environment permissions
  • New role details panel allows you to quickly assign roles to users
  • Updated list of permissions in BigPanda

Create or Edit Roles

Roles can be created and managed in BigPanda at Settings > Roles Management. The role editing screen has been updated with an intuitive new design that allows you to quickly assign permissions and access levels.

Create New Role

Create New Role

All within the same screen, you can easily see the permissions available. Each permission in BigPanda has two options that dictate the level of access. The two access levels provided by BigPanda permissions are:

  • View - View-only access. The resource cannot be interacted with or edited.
  • Full Access - All actions related to the resource can be performed.

To assign a permission to a role, determine the access level needed and select the appropriate checkbox from the list.

Environment Permissions

Granular access to specific environments can now be assigned using dropdown menus during the role creation process. To add specific environment permissions, follow the steps to Create or Edit a role, and scroll to the Environment Permissions section.

Environment Permissions

Environment Permissions


To provide access to manage (create, delete, edit) all environments, assign the Environments permission to a role. If you assigned the full access Environments permission to a role, a message will appear in the Environment Permissions section that says “This Role has a permission to manage (create, delete, edit) all environments.”

The following permission types are available for environments:

  • Incident Actions Permission - Full access Ability to perform actions on all enrichment tags and incidents (assign, snooze, share, comment), minus environment configuration in the specified environment(s).
  • View Incidents Permission - Read-only access to all enrichment tags and incidents in the specified environment(s) without the ability to change or perform any incident action.

Add a User to a Role

Adding a user to a role provides them with access to all of the permissions configured in the role. Users can now quickly be added or removed to a role from within the role details pane.

Add a User to a Role

Add a User to a Role

Updated Permissions List

Permissions are now divided by common BigPanda user types in the following categories:

Account Administrator

Permission Nameresource_typeAccess Level
API KeysapiKeysView, edit, and create API Keys in BigPanda Settings.
Audit LogsauditLogsView the Audit Log in BigPanda Settings and the Audit Lot API.
Roles ManagementrolesView, add, edit, and delete BigPanda Roles in the UI and Roles API.
Sharing QuotasquotasView and edit Sharing Rate Limitations in BigPanda Settings.
Single Sign-OnssoView, select, and configure a Single Sign-on provider in BigPanda Settings.
User ManagementusersView, add, edit and delete Users in BigPanda Settings and the SCIM Users API.

Tool Architect

Permission Nameresource_typeAccess Level
Alert CorrelationcorrelationsView, edit, and create new Correlation Patterns in BigPanda Settings and API.
Alert EnrichmentenrichmentsView and use the Alert Enrichments UI and API.
Alert Filtering & Planned MaintenaceplansView, create, edit, and delete Maintenance Plans and Alert Filters in BigPanda Settings, and use the Alert Filter API.
Alert View CustomizationalertViewView, create, and edit Alert Views in BigPanda Settings.
AutoSharenotificationsView, add, edit, and delete AutoShare Rules in the BigPanda Settings.
Incident EnrichmentincidentsTagsDefinitionsView, create, and edit Incident Tags in BigPanda Settings.
IntegrationsintegrationsView, install, and edit Integrations in the Integrations tab.
Manage EnvironmentsenvironmentsView, create, edit, and delete Environments in the UI and API, and view the incidents environments contain. See Environment Permissions for more information.
Mapping Enrichment (API Only)enrichmentsJobsUse the Mapping Enrichment API.
Schedules (API Only)schedulesView and use the Alert Filter Schedules API to define the specific start and end times of Plans configured with the Alert Filter API.
Unified AnalyticsanalyticsView, edit, and create new dashboards in Analytics and assign the Dashboard Designer role.

Incident Operator

Permission Nameresource_typeAccess Level
DashboardsdashboardsView, customize, and interact with BigPanda Dashboards.
Root-Cause ChangeschangesView the Related Changes section within the incident details and mark changes as Suspect or Match.
Topology ViewtopologyView, upload, or edit topology maps via API, and view the Topology section in incident details.
Unified SearchsearchAccess Unified Search.