Schedules V1 (BETA)

Schedules are a secondary feature to the Plans API and allow for the defining of explicit start and stop times.



Please note that this feature is available through the Beta program only and is not released for general availability. If you would like to request access to the Beta program, please contact [email protected]

Relevant Permissions

Roles with the following permissions can access the Schedules v1 BETA API:

Schedules_ReadRead-only - view the Schedules API.
Schedules_Full_AccessFull access - use the Schedules API to define the specific start and end times of Plans configured with the Plans V1 API.

To learn more about how BigPanda's permissions work, see the Roles Management guide.

The required Plans resource of the Maintenance Plan API can be augmented with the optional Schedules resource. Defining Schedules will allow for control of when a Maintenance Plan should start and stop. Otherwise, a Maintenance Plan will run indefinitely unless manually deleted or set to inactive by an administrator.

See the Plans API for more holistic information around the Use Cases and Actions.


Rate Limitations

To maintain quality of service, BigPanda APIs are limited to 5 requests per second.
Additional requests will return a 429 response code and the request will need to be retried.