Maintenance Plans V2

Maintenance plans reduce unnecessary noise by marking and silencing alerts triggered by system maintenance.


A maintenance plan dictates which alerts will be silenced during a scheduled system maintenance.

An alert that contains select conditions and occurs within the maintenance time window will be marked for maintenance. Alerts marked for maintenance can still be correlated into an incident if they match the incident's correlation criteria.

An incident's Status and Last Changed timestamp is determined by the presence of active alerts in the incident. For example, if one alert within an incident is a Warning and another is marked as Critical but is also marked for maintenance, the critical alert is silenced for the maintenance period - the incident is classified as Active and its status is Warning.

Alerts that begin before the maintenance plan window are marked for maintenance only when their updates come in within the maintenance window. Marked alerts remain silenced even after the time window ends unless they are updated after the maintenance time window. and are classified as Active again. If an alert is resolved, it will reside in the Resolved folder.

Incidents comprised exclusively of alerts that are marked for maintenance can be found in the Maintenance folder in the lefthand pane. If an incident has at least one alert that is not marked for maintenance, it will reside in the folder relevant to the incident's Active alerts.

To learn how to set up a maintenance plan, see our Maintenance Plan Setup guide.


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Please note that plans that have been suppressed will not be visible in the BigPanda console.