RBAC - Role Based Access Control

Roles and permissions control the levels of access to different features in BigPanda.

Settings Dropdown > Role ManagementSettings Dropdown > Role Management

Settings Dropdown > Role Management

Key Features

  • Create and customize roles to restrict the availability of your organization's sensitive content, making it accessible on a per-user basis.
  • Control the degree to which resources are available to select users within your organization.
  • Protect your organization's resources by enforcing the Principle of Least Privilege. Give users the lowest level of access required to perform their role, limiting the the scope of any damage caused by issues with one resource.
  • The separation of duties provided by Role-Based Access Control localizes areas of access, providing very clear parameters for each user's responsibilities.

How It Works

BigPanda provides two built-in roles: Admin and User. These roles are configurable to define the level of access granted to your organization's BigPanda users. A user may have one or more roles, and each role may have one or more permissions associated with it. The same role can be duplicated and assigned to multiple users.
Permissions dictate the level of a user's access to BigPanda resources and are customizeable by resource and role.
The two permissions provided by BigPanda are

  • Read-only - the user can only view the resource, they cannot interact with or edit it in any way.
  • Full Access - the user has the ability to perform actions related to the resource (ie: Create, Read, Edit, Delete, etc.).
    For more information about User Roles in BigPanda, see the User Management guide.