BigPanda is happy to release an improved version of our SCIM Users API to enable you to better provision and manage user accounts and roles.


SCIM V1 API End of Life

V1 of the SCIM Users API will be retired on February 19, 2024. The API will no longer be supported beginning November 19, 2023.

We encourage organizations to move their user management to the V2 SCIM Users API. The improved version of the API provides improved authentication, performance, and user experience.

The SCIM Users API allows you to manage users in the BigPanda system, enabling you to bulk manage even large and complex userbases. SCIM specifications allow you to leverage an existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), external directories, or SSO integrations.

The SCIM Users API is based on the open standard System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM): Protocol 1.1. SCIM is an open standard used for automating the exchange of user identity information between identity domains or IT systems. Its purpose is to facilitate and ease the management of user identities in cloud based applications. BigPanda uses JSON-based formats for SCIM.

Key Improvements from the previous Users API

  • Improved Authentication through the User API Key
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance & Scale improvements
  • More convenient way of interacting with Users Resource


The "V2" in our Public API URL indicates the latest version of our BigPanda API and not the version of the supported SCIM protocol. This API leverages SCIM 1.1

Available Actions

Use the SCIM Users API to perform these actions:

Retrieve ConfigurationGET
Retrieves the service provider configuration details of BigPanda's SCIM API
Retrive User SchemaGET
Retrieves the User Schema details for the SCIM API
Retrieve All SchemasGET
Retrieves all schemas associated with the SCIM API
Retrieve User by IDGET
Retrieves a specific user schema
Retrieve UsersGET
Retrieves a list of all users within the organization
Create UsersPOST
Creates a new user
Update UserPATCH
Updates field values for a user
Delete UserDELETE
Deactivates a user account in the system


For users who were leveraging the previous BigPanda Users API, Migrating to the improved SCIM Users API takes a few simple steps:

  • Update the call base URL to <>.
  • Validate the Authentication Type - the new API requires a User API Key.
  • Validate body fields or values - we don't expect you to need to make changes, but it is always best practice to test payloads.
  • Set Pagination settings for GET Users calls. The improved API uses pagination to improve response times and reliability. If your organization has more than 1000 users (active or inactive), you'll need to add Pagination Rules for your calls.


Use the Filter options to retrieve only Active users within the system, narrowing your results to only current users.