Improved Incident Details Page

The Improved Incident Details Pane is an all new design refresh to help make understanding and triaging incidents easier.

The new expanded Incident Details page makes triaging incidents easier with several performance and element updates. When expanding an incident to full screen to view details, several changes will be available.


  • Export capabilities
  • Improved Incident Timeline
  • More complete activity tracking
  • Infinite scrolling in the activity log
  • Improved commenting in the activity log
Incident Details Improvements

Incident Details Improvements



The Topology tab is not available in the new Incident Details expanded page. To view topology data, use the split screen incident details view.

During the limited release, toggle back to the preview incident details view by selecting the Return to previous view option in the top banner. If you wish to return to the new view, you will need to make another request to support to re-enable the view.

Matched Patterns

The new Matched Patterns button enables operators to see the full list of active matched patterns for the incident. Click the lightning bolt matched patterns icon to see all current correlation patterns. The primary matched pattern will be highlighted.

If the incident has no matched correlation patterns, the list will be empty.

Matched Correlation Patterns Button

Matched Correlation Patterns Button

Learn more about correlation pattern matches in the Alert Correlation Logic documenation.

Incident Timeline

The incident timeline will now include activities from the activity log to the timeline.

New Incident Timeline

New Incident Timeline

Learn more about what data is visible in the incident timeline in the Incidents Tab navigation documentation.

The incident timeline shows Status Changes along the Status line.

Status Change Icons

Status Change Icons

Orange dotThe incident was created, or the incident was reopened.
Green dotThe incident was resolved.
Orange and green dotThe incident was marked as flapping.

Additional incident actions are shown along the Activities line.

Timeline Activity Icons

Timeline Activity Icons

Orange bust with plusThe incident was assigned to a user.
Blue arrowThe incident was manually or automatically shared.
Grey up and down arrowsThe incident priority was manually updated.
Grey up and down arrows with a line through themThe incident priority was manually removed.
Yellow dialogue bubbleA comment was added to the incident.
Orange bellThe incident was snoozed.
Grey paragraph linesA value was manually changed for a single-value tag.
Grey bullet point linesA value was manually added, changed, or removed for a multi-value tag.
Green checkmarkThe incident was manually resolved, or one of the included alerts was manually or automatically resolved.

Activity Feed

The comment field has moved to the top of the activity feed to make for more intuitive collaboration.

In addition, the activity feed will now have “infinite scroll”.

Activity Feed Improvements

Activity Feed Improvements

Learn more about what appears in the activity feed in the Incidents Tab navigation documentation.


Return to classic incident details view

Toggle back to the classic incident details view at any time with the Return to V1 option at the top of the pane.