Suspected Root Cause Summary

An easy-to-read summary that provides more context and better insights into RCC matches.


Advanced Insight Module

This feature is part of the Advanced Insight Module. If your organization has not purchased this module, you may not have access to the feature.
If you are interested in upgrading to the Advanced Insight Module, contact your BigPanda account team.

Suspected Root Cause Changes now include an AI-generated explanation for why BigPanda marked a change as a potential root cause. This easy-to-read explanation provides more context and better insights into matches, saving you time as you hunt down the root cause of an incident.


Evolving Analysis

As an incident evolves, the suspected root cause summary may also update based on new change and/or alert data.

Suspected root cause summary

Suspected root cause summary

Any environments configured with Automated Incident Analysis will automatically include the RCC suspect summary in the change details for BigPanda-suggested change suspects.

To view this summary:

  1. Click on an incident to access the incident details pane.
  2. Scroll down to Potential Root Cause Changes.
  3. Click on the change you want to investigate.
  4. The automated explanation will be at the top of the Change Details panel.

You can also view this information by navigating to the Changes Tab within the incident details pane. From there, click on any change with the purple stars beside it, as this indicates a change that BigPanda has automatically suggested as a potential root cause change.