Migrating from the ServiceNow Store to the Update Set

This is a guide for updating from the BigPanda App ServiceNow Store version to the Update Set

In order to support future updates of the BigPanda ServiceNow app, existing installations must be migrated from the store-installed version to a custom installation. BigPanda is providing a set of scripts in order to make this process as seamless and easy as possible, while also maintaining any configuration changes that have already been made.


A Note About These Instructions

While this migration is required to update to newer versions of BigPanda's ServiceNow application, this guide is only to migrate existing installations from the Store app to the custom developer application after BigPanda's removal from the ServiceNow store in October 2021.

These scripts will NOT install the latest version or update installations from v1 to v2. To perform either of these functions instead, please refer to the linked documentation.


The migration scripts will be provided in the form of a ServiceNow update set containing three fix scripts labelled 1, 2, and 3. The update set is available for download here.

How to Use

To complete the migration, your ServiceNow admin must upload the update set, preview and commit, and then run the scripts in the prescribed order. Detailed instructions for how to do every step are provided below.

Step 1: Update Sets

Admin users may upload the update set by first logging into your ServiceNow instance. Then, using the Sidebar, search for or navigate to “System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets

Navigating to Retrieved Update SetsNavigating to Retrieved Update Sets

Navigating to Retrieved Update Sets

In there, search for the option labelled “Import Update Set from XML”

Importing Update SetImporting Update Set

Importing Update Set

Once you are on the upload screen, click “Choose File” and select the file provided in the Scripts section. Click “Upload”. This will bring you back to the Update Set listing, and three new update sets will appear. Select “BigPanda Migration Script Batch”.

Locating BigPanda Migration Script BatchLocating BigPanda Migration Script Batch

Locating BigPanda Migration Script Batch

Once you are in the Update Set screen, select “Preview Update Set Batch”. This will allow you to see, in detail, how your instance will be affected. Under “Customer Updates In Batch” confirm that there are three updates with type “Fix Script” and target name “BigPanda App Migration: (1-3) of 3”. The preview process should only take a couple of seconds.

Previewing the Update Set BatchPreviewing the Update Set Batch

Previewing the Update Set Batch

Once you’ve confirmed that the updates are correct, apply the updates by selecting “Commit Update Set Batch”.

Reviewing before Committing Update Set BatchReviewing before Committing Update Set Batch

Reviewing before Committing Update Set Batch

Once again, committing these changes should only take a few seconds. After this commit is applied, you may finish the migration.

Step 2: Fix Scripts

Admin users may execute the newly added fix scripts by, using the Sidebar, searching for or navigating to “System Definition > Fix Scripts”.

Locating the Fix Scripts OptionLocating the Fix Scripts Option

Locating the Fix Scripts Option

From this listing, locate the scripts named “BigPanda App Migration: (1-3) of 3”. These scripts are numbered by order in which they should be executed.

BigPanda App Migration ScriptsBigPanda App Migration Scripts

BigPanda App Migration Scripts

Important Notes

  • Once the first script has been run, it is important to finish running all scripts before attempting to make any changes to your BigPanda SNOW configuration. There should be no data loss at any point during the script execution, but BigPanda configuration changes within SNOW may not be applied.
  • Each script should be run only once, and in the order prescribed. We have added checks at every step to ensure that no data is changed if we suspect that the scripts are being run again or out of order, but BigPanda cannot ensure data integrity if the scripts are run multiple times or executed out of order.
  • Although these scripts have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they work correctly and that user data is preserved, these scripts will make modifications to your application tables. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to BigPanda before running them.

Select “BigPanda App Migration: 1 of 3”. At either the top or bottom of the page, press the green “Run Fix Script” button.


If you are operating outside of the “Global” Scope, you will see a warning at the top of the page informing you that The record is in the Global application. This warning is expected, and will not cause any issues executing the script. To prevent accidental script modification, it is advised that you do not change your selected scope or enable editing of the script.

Running the ScriptsRunning the Scripts

Running the Scripts

In the dialog box, click “Proceed”

Run Fix Script Dialog BoxRun Fix Script Dialog Box

Run Fix Script Dialog Box

After the script has been run, the pop-up will fill with details about the script execution. If executed successfully, you’ll get a message resembling the following: *** Script: could not find the new update set for the new current application: no thrown error. This message is expected and correct, and the problem that it is warning against will be resolved once all the scripts are finished.

Expected Error MessageExpected Error Message

Expected Error Message

Press “Close” on the dialog box, then click “<” in the top-left corner of the ServiceNow menu.

Repeat the previous steps for “BigPanda App Migration: 2 of 3” and “BigPanda App Migration: 3 of 3”

Each of the scripts will show a results dialog box when done.

Migration Script 2 of 3 Results MessageMigration Script 2 of 3 Results Message

Migration Script 2 of 3 Results Message

Migration Script 3 of 3 Results MessageMigration Script 3 of 3 Results Message

Migration Script 3 of 3 Results Message

Again: any warnings regarding update set are expected and indicate success.

Once “BigPanda App Migration: 3 of 3” has been executed, you may verify that your migration completed successfully. Refresh the page, and navigate to the Application Selector (Settings Wheel > Developer > Application) and ensure that there is only one “BigPanda” option available.

Confirming Only 1 BigPanda Instance RemainsConfirming Only 1 BigPanda Instance Remains

Confirming Only 1 BigPanda Instance Remains

Next, navigate to the BigPanda Configuration screen by using the Sidebar to search for or select “BigPanda > Configuration” and confirm that all of your settings are intact.

Navigating to BigPanda ConfigurationNavigating to BigPanda Configuration

Navigating to BigPanda Configuration