BigPanda Documentation Revitalization

BigPanda Docs are getting a new structure to make it easy to find answers to your BigPanda questions.

Ease of use and outstanding user experience have always been a top priority for BigPanda, and we consider them to be a key factor in our success. Recent years have seen enterprise customers also looking for a self-service, low-friction user experience – and part of that includes access to extensive product documentation, for all user types and levels of usage.

BigPanda Docs is a complete product documentation wiki with detailed product specifications, how-to instructions, and key resources to help you leverage BigPanda to the fullest.

The new BigPanda Docs site organization reframes the wiki around the way you work, making it easier to find the answers that you're looking for.

Get Started with the new organization today!

You can return to the original organization at any time by navigating to:

What's Changing?

This update includes some new content to help you understand how the different elements of BigPanda work together, and a new organization structure so that your operators and tool admins can find resources faster.

  • BigPanda AIOps: Introduction to the BigPanda services and back-end processes that make our AI/ML platform work.
  • Work with Incidents: Everything an IT Ops Operator needs to investigate, triage, and remediate incidents using the BigPanda console.
  • Configure BigPanda: Administrator resources and guides to make customizing and adjusting BigPanda settings simple.
  • Integrations: Detailed tool guides to make configuring even complex monitoring and collaboration tools easy.


All the content you rely on is there - this is organizational changes only!


We know that access to answers when you need it is vital in the incident monitoring space. While all BigPanda content is moving to the new structure, much of it may be in a different location. To ensure that you have time to check links and learn where content has moved, both sites are currently available.

On September 30th, 2022, the new site structure will be the default option for Google searches, in-product links, and more. The original site will still be accessible through direct link to V1.0 BigPanda Docs, but the content on the site will not be updated or maintained.