Release Notes - June 2022

What's New: Unified Analytics, Incidents API Expand Function

Unified Analytics (Coming Soon)

To improve self-service functionality, BigPanda is moving customer analytics into the next version of Unified Analytics, allowing you to create and manage custom dashboards on your own. Unified Analytics allows administrators to customize existing reporting dashboards, or create their own custom dashboards built around specific team needs or custom tags.

Unified Analytics Executive SummaryUnified Analytics Executive Summary

Unified Analytics Executive Summary

Unified Analytics offers your team the insight and visualizations that you need to take your IT Operations to the next level. Unified Analytics offers much simpler workflows for common tasks like adding new tags as filters, adding new widgets, and creating formula values for recurring use. You can gain insights into hot spots in your environment and see how BigPanda is correlating alerts into actionable incidents. Analytics reports are embedded directly into BigPanda and can be accessed by any user directly. Reports can be filtered by date and time, by incident and alert properties, or even by custom tags.

Unified Analytics is releasing in a closed Beta. Please reach out to BigPanda support if you are interested in joining the beta release!

Incidents API Expand Function

The incident API includes the ability to expand alert data to give deeper visibility and more detailed search returns when leveraging the Search Incidents functionality. To improve stability and return times, page size is now limited to 10 incident results per call when expanding alert data.

Read more about leveraging the Incidents API expand function in the Incidents V2 API documentation.

System and Integration Improvements

  • [JIRA] auto-refresh project configuration
  • [CA Spectrum] simplify installation instructions
  • [xMatters] simplify installation instructions
  • [Cloudwatch] fix issue when attempting to ingest arithmetic metrics in alarms
  • [ServiceNow] release version 2.4 - see developer site for more details
  • [Pagerduty] update documentation to reflect Webhook v3 install process
  • [vCenter Topology] Document plugin install on Windows
  • [SNMP Agent] SNMP v3 trap support