Alert Filter Schedules

Alert Filter Schedules are a secondary feature to the Alert Filter Plans API and allow for the defining of explicit start and stop times.


Renamed API

The Alert Filter Schedules API was previously called Schedules V1. The functionality of the API has not changed, but the name has been updated to clarify which BigPanda feature the API manages.

Alert Filter Schedules allow you to control when an alert filter should start and stop. By default, alert filters apply to all matching alerts until deactivated.

See the Alert Filter Plans API for more details on adding schedules to new or existing alert filters.


Schedule ID

The schedule ID will be included in the success return. This ID is needed to add the schedule to a filter.

Relevant Permissions

Roles with the following permissions can access the Schedules v1 API:

Schedules (API Only)View and use the Alert Filter Schedules API to define the specific start and end times of alert filters.

Permission access levels can be adjusted by selecting either View or Full Access. To learn more about how BigPanda's permissions work, see the Roles Management guide.

Available Actions

Use the Alert Filter Schedules API to perform these actions:

Create an Alert Filter SchedulePOST /schedulesCreates a new alert filter schedule.
Retrieve an Alert Filter ScheduleGET /schedules/{id}Retrieves the schema for an existing schedule.
Retrieve All Alert Filter SchedulesGET /schedulesRetrieves the schema for all schedules.
Update an Alert Filter SchedulePATCH /schedules/{id}Updates an existing alert filter schedule.
Delete an Alert Filter ScheduleDELETE /schedules/{id}Deletes an existing schedule and removes it from the system.


Rate Limitations

To maintain quality of service, BigPanda APIs are limited to 5 requests per second.
Additional requests will return a 429 response code and the request will need to be retried.