Email Parser Configuration

Use the Email Parser Configuration API to create and manage inbound email integrations.

The Email Parser Configuration API enables you to create and manage email parser configurations, setting specific parsing rules to extract alert data from the subject and body of an email.

Ideal for monitoring tools and systems that do not support REST API, email parser integrations extract alert data such as status, description, and additional properties right from the email's subject or body. The parser supports both text and HTML content.

Each alert should be sent in a separate email.

The parser is not able to parse attachments - all alert data must be in the subject or body of the email.


A unique email parser must be configured for each source that will be sending emails to BigPanda

Relevant Permissions

See the Standard Integrations guide for a full explanation of the permissions required to access the Integrations section and the Email Parser API.

To learn more about how BigPanda's permissions work, see the Roles Management guide.


Before an email integration can be configured using the Email Parser API, the integration must be created within the UI.

Follow the in-product steps to create a new Alerts API Integration and make note of the app key and integration id.

Once created, the integration can be configured through the Email Parser API



All BigPanda APIs require Bearer Token Authorization in the call headers.

This API uses the Org Token type of Authorization token.

Extraction Rules

Default Rules

There are 2 pre-defined extraction rules. These rules can be customized, but cannot be deleted. Additional rules to extract additional properties can be configured

Each rule can be configured to pull from the subject or body of the email.

Alert Status

This lookup rule searches in the subject or body for specific strings. If there is a match, the defined status will be populated. If not, the next rule will be run. If none of the rules match, the default value will be populated.

Default Mapping Rules:

Email StatusBigPanda Status
'Has been resolved'
'Unknown problem''warning'
'High severity''critical'
  • If none of these are matched, the default status is ‘critical’

Mail Source

  • Populated automatically from the “FROM” address and cannot be changed

Additional Properties

Additional alert properties can be extracted from the email payload.

The following must be defined for each property:

  • Tag name
  • Source - select either Subject or Body
  • Extraction rule - the regex rule to extract the value from the email. The extraction rule cannot be empty.

Available Objects & Actions

Email Parser Configuration leverages the following objects:

ObjectDescriptionSupported MethodsAPI Endpoint
Parser Configuration ObjectThe extraction rules to retrieve alert data from raw email textPOST, GET
ActionAPI EndpointDescription
Create/Update ConfigurationPOST /configurations/alerts/emailparser/Create or update extraction rules for the email parser
Retrieve ConfigurationGET /configurations/alerts/emailparser/View existing email address and extraction rules for a configured email parser integration