Dataset Options for Outbound Integrations

Additional dataset options for outbound payloads.

Additional dataset options can be enabled for outbound integration payloads by contacting BigPanda support. These are the dataset options available:

OptionDefinitionTypeDefault Integrations
sendCommentsSends an update that includes the comment as part of the metadata when comments are left on the incident.

See example below.
addEventTypesAdds an array of event_types to the metadata object in an outbound share. This can be used to understand what type of update was triggered.

See example below.
BooleanAll integrations
forceIncidentTagUpdatesSends an update through the share when Incident Tag values are changed.BooleanAll integrations
addMetadataIncludes the environment name and environment ID to the metadata object in each webhook call.

See example below.
BooleanAll integrations
addIncidentTagsIncludes any incident tags in the outbound payloads.

See example below.
BooleanAll integrations
addAssignmentsIncludes any Assignee and Assigner in the outbound payloads.

See example below.
BooleanNot default for any integration
forceAllUpdatesAllows the incident to be shared even if it's resolved before the AutoShare. This is useful when incidents resolve within a few seconds, but the user still wants an AutoShare.BooleanNot default for any integration
forceFilterFlappingOrMutedSuppresses flapping updates, even for integrations typically configured to send them, such as webhooks.

If this toggle is on, BigPanda will wait to send updates until the system confirms the alert is no longer flapping. The default delay for this is 1 hour, but it may be different depending on your organization's flapping configuration.
BooleanNot default for any integration
forceOneTimeOnly sends the initial share to the target. Further updates are suppressed.BooleanNot default for any integration
quotaContains share quota information for the integration. Attributes:

used - The number of shares sent through the integration since it was last reset.

available - The number of shares the integration is allowed to send before the next reset is performed.

last_reset - The timestamp of when the used count was last reset to zero.

notified - Flag indicating whether the organization has been notified that their quota was reached.
JSONNot default for any integration

Example of sendComments option

"metadata": { "sender": { "name": "<USERS_NAME>", "email": "<USERS_EMAIL>" }, "comment": { "comment": "Hello World", "environment": "All" } }

Example of addEventTypes option

"event_types": [ { "event": "incident#new", "time": 1674571309 }, { "event": "incident-tag#upserted", "time": 1674571309 } ]

Example of addMetadata option

"metadata": { "sender": { "name": "<USERS_NAME>", "email": "<USERS_EMAIL>" }, "environment": "<ENVIRONMENT_NAME_THAT_PERFORMED_THE_SHARE>", "environment_id": "<ENVIRONMENT_ID>" }

Example of addAssignments option

"metadata": { "assignee": { "email": "<USERS_EMAIL>", "name": "<USERS_NAME>", "userId": "<USERS_BIGPANDA_ID>", }, "assigner": { "email": "<USERS_EMAIL>", "name": "<USERS_NAME>", "userId": "<USERS_BIGPANDA_ID>", }, }

Example of addIncidentTags option

incidentTags: [ { "id": "host", "value": "production-database-01" }, { "id": "check", "value": "CPU-01" }, { "id": "application", "value":"bigpanda" } ]