Topology UI

The BigPanda Real-Time Topology Mesh capability renders a visual representation of the relationships between the alert tags of an incident. Use the Topology UI API to customize the visual presentation of the topology graph.

The BigPanda Topology UI API allows users to manually structure the visual appearance of the topology between alert tag nodes, charting information that can be used to aid in investigating the root cause of the incident and assessing potential impact.


Learn More

To learn more about how the Real-Time Topology Mesh feature works, see the Real-Time Topology Mesh feature guide.


Rate Limitations

To maintain quality of service, BigPanda APIs are limited to 5 requests per second.
Additional requests will return a 429 response code and the request will need to be retried.


Roles with the following permission can use the Topology UI API:

Topology ViewView, upload, or edit topology maps via API, and view the Topology section in incident details.

Permission access levels can be adjusted by selecting either View or Full Access. To learn more about how BigPanda's permissions work, see the Roles Management guide.

Available Actions

Use the Topology UI API to perform these actions:

Create TopologyPOST /topologiesCreates a new topology model (only one per organization).
Retrieve a TopologyGET /topologies/{id}Retrieves the organization’s topology model.
Retrieve All TopologiesGET /topologiesRetrieves all of the organization’s topology models.
Update a TopologyPUT /topologies/{id}Updates the organization's topology model.
Delete a Topology DELETE /topologies/{id}Deletes the organization's topology model and removes it from the system.