Incidents Object

Defines the schema for an incident in BigPanda.

API Endpoint
Supported MethodsPOST, GET


The Incidents object schema includes the following attributes.

idSystem-generated unique identifier for the incident."id": "1234a53b6789c12d3efg45h"
statusCurrent incident status, which is determined by the most severe status of the correlated alerts. One of [critical, warning, unknown, ok]."status" : "critical"
activeWhether the incident contains at least one active alert and has not been manually resolved. An incident is automatically resolved when all the alerts are resolved."active": true
flappingWhether at least one correlated alert has changed states frequently enough to be treated as flapping."flapping": false
resolvedWhether the incident is currently resolved (true) or active (false)."resolved": false
snoozeSnooze options for the incident.

- snoozed - Whether the incident is currently snoozed.
- wake - Time when the current snooze period expires, in Unix epochs.
- autoCancel - Whether the current snooze is automatically cancelled if a new alert is added, the severity of an existing alert increases, or the incident is resolved and then reopens.
"snooze" : {"snoozed" : false, "wake" : null, "autoCancel" : false}
startedOnUnix epoch time when the earliest correlated alert was received (in seconds)."startedOn": 1466416853
changedOnUnix epoch time when the last change to the incident that triggered applicable sharing updates occurred (in seconds)."changedOn": 1466417169
updatedOnUnix epoch time when the last change to the incident occurred (in seconds)."updatedOn": 1466417169
endedOnUnix epoch time when the incident was resolved, either manually or automatically when all alerts were resolved (in seconds)."endedOn": null
alertsArray of the alerts that the incident contains.

- alertID - System-generated unique identifier for the alert.
"alerts" : [ { "alertId": "57da76d24cdb1f3a54ce25a0", "alertId": "68eb89e35dca2g4b65df36b1", "alertId": "79fc79f46egh3h5c78rg78d2" } ]